Hootsuite Certified Ishmail Wheeler

Hootsuite taught me

Hootsuite is an amazing social media management tool that allows you to manage all of your social media platforms in one space.

I learned from going through the Hootsuite certification process was...........

  1. How to add your social media platforms to your Hootsuite dashboard
  2. How to use the mobile app to post content on the go
  3. How to set up a team to help manage social media campaings
  4. How to post content to multiple platforms at the same time
  5. How to schedule content
  6. The format the date must be in when scheduling content
  7. How to edit post from my dashboard
  8. Also how to set up notifications to inform me if something failed to post
Favorite Lesson

My Favorite lesson would have to be the introductory lesson, which shows me how to add my platforms, create streams using tabs, and how to schedule content. I had no idea all of this was possible just using one platform and it was amazing to me. l

My favorite topic covered would have to be the topic of manage a campaign via Hootsuite. I thought it was amazing that you could run an entire campaign from this platform, as well as do things such as contest and other interactive things for your audience.


Hootsuite certification was cool process, but there are some improvements to be made. For example.....

  1. The sound of the videos fluctuate, and some were louder than others
  2. Account setup should be made simpler
  3. Some of the extra text aren't necessary in my opinion
  4. The certification exam should be a lot shorter
Future Use

Now that I've completed the certification process, I plan on using Hootsuite in several different ways.

  • I'm going to manage all of my social media platforms from Hootsuite
  • I will use it to schedule content in advance, especially occasion when I don't have time to publish things myself
  • I'll use it to set up future campaign that I'll run on social media
  • I also use it to monitor each of my platforms, and their impact


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