Eclectic full contact theatre PRESENTS ITS ALL-AUDIO 9TH SEASON

Explore strange new worlds, and boldly tell them what to do!

Both a parody of, and homage to, classic series such as Star Trek, Buck Rogers, and Space:1999, Monocyte tells the stories of the intrepid crew of the GMC (Galactic Medical Cruiser) Monocyte as they travel the universe, doing good and aiding the needy. Except their Captain is narcissistic, ignorant, overly-confident, and just possibly clinically depressed. Touching on topics such as toxic masculinity, colonization, and mental health, Monocyte will have you laughing even while you think

Monocyte HQ

Our Writers

Donaldson Cardenas

A writer and actor living in Chicago, Donaldson Cardenas has been telling stories for almost 35 years. He's had a number of shorts produced by various theater companies, including n.u.f.a.n., Chicago's very own Women's Theatre Alliance, Otherworld, City Lit's Art of Adaptation Fest, and others. His full-length play, "Kill Viktor: Pt 1 & 2," lost more money than any other play in New Millennium Theatre Company history. Additionally, he's participated in 24-hour play fests with both Eclectic Full Contact Theatre and B.Y.O.T. Productions. Thanks to Honey Bee for being Honey Bee

I'm excited to be working in parody and sci-fi, two of my favorite genres—both offer a gateway to talking about serious issues. But, you know, in a fun way. I am thankful to everybody at Eclectic for the opportunity to tell serious stories in silly ways.

Nina Ki

Nina Ki is a Queerean (Queer + Korean) American playwright who was born and raised in Los Angeles, but currently lives in Brooklyn. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in 2008 with a BFA in Dramatic Writing, and her plays have been read and presented nationwide, including with Queens Theatre, Brave New World Repertory, The Parsnip Ship, The Classical Theater of Harlem, the HBMG Foundation, InspiraTO, and Another Country Productions. Her play “Taemong (Birth Dream)” was a finalist for the Van Lier Fellowship in 2016, and recently her play “Moon Bear” was given special consideration for the Relentless Award. She is a member of The Parsnip Ship's inaugural Radio Roots Writer's Group. To learn more about her work, please visit www.nina-ki.com.

I'm excited about writing about and reimagining the future with an incredibly diverse cast of characters, while also using space exploration as a commentary on current times/societal values!


Natividad Salgado

Natividad Salgado, Director: Nati has been involved with theatre since the age of 13. She has directed plays for many companies and festivals nationally as well as internationally-- including Creede Repertory Theatre, Tipping Point Theatre, RAW Festival Detroit, BoxFest Detroit, One Year Lease Theater Company, New Theatre Project, The Performance Network of Ann Arbor, Cleveland Public Theatre (w/Teatro Publico de Cleveland), Station Hope, Two Muses Theatre, Pandemonium, The (Beat) Theatre Collective, Violet Surprise, and most recently with Eclectic Full Contact Theatre. Since she graduated from Alma with her BA in Theatre with a directing focus and a minor in New Media Studies with a film focus in 2011 she has been nominated for a Wilde Award for Best Ensemble work and the winner of the 2012 BoxFest Detroit Director’s educational grant which enabled her to attend an apprenticeship program with the One Year Lease Theatre Company in Greece during the summer of 2013. Nati has also served as an instructor of acting, directing and theatre history for students from preschool on through university level. She has written and devised original bilingual works that are based on her cultural roots-- being raised in Miami, Florida, and the child of a Cuban American family. Nati has served as an administrator for many theatre companies as well with experience in marketing, audience engagement, front of house/box office management, and producing. She currently serves as the Executive Director of The (Beat) Theatre Collective. This proud bisexual Latinx mama is an ally for BIPOC and LGBTQ+. She works to voice for those who can’t through her art. She could not do this without the support of her chosen family. And dedicates her art to the favorite part of her heart, Raiden Lee. I love you Raiden, and I hope you are experiencing this podcast series at an appropriate age.

What excites me most about Monocyte is the ability to use our ears and imagination to take us away from our current realities of isolation and lockdowns in what makes up the expansively mysterious deep space. Even here in such a vast and unknown space, we experience what makes us human. Our emotions, our challenges with our own mental state and our tragic toxicities all follow us wherever we are. I am excited to explore the endless journey of our crew both physically and mentally with audiences and fellow artists with humor and relatable intentions all while being able to do so from the safety of our bubbles at home.

The Monocyte crew

Christopher Davis—Cmdr Paul Allen Chalke

Christopher Davis is proud to spend his quarantine debuting with Eclectic Full Contact Theatre in this fascinating and funny, new work! A Chicago-based actor, singer, and sometimes teacher, Chris is so grateful for the unique opportunity to work on a podcast play! How cool is that?! Besides frequenting the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, Christmas Caroling, and Chicagoland TYA scenes, Chris has enjoyed recent work with Windy City Playhouse, Theatre at the Center, Porchlight Music Theatre, Pride Films and Plays, BoHo Theatre, Lifeline, Rocky Mountain Rep, Steel Beam, Metropolis, Williams Street Rep in Crystal Lake (where he is a company member) and more! He is represented by Big Mouth Talent.

Serina Johnston*—dr. Evelyn “Montana” trixie

Serina is a Chicago based actress who has not let the fact that she is in a pandemic stop her from making art. She is currently lending her voice to the podcast Monocyte as both Doctor Evelyn “Montana” Trixie and Nova Star. Serina is very excited to see what shape art will take once we are in a post pandemic world, but until she is fully vaccinated, she’s very excited to make art in safe and socially distanced ways.

Rae Hamilton-vargo—emissary fralgon

Rae Hamilton-Vargo is a nonbinary actor originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They hold a BA in Theatre from Northwestern University, where they also studied French and Japanese, and they're represented by BMG Talent. Some of their favorite most recent in-person Chicago credits include going on as an understudy for Dull Gret/Angie in Remy Bumppo's Top Girls and portraying Drowsy in Chicago Kids Company’s Snow White, and you can look for them on-screen in the webseries The Life of Harold.

Andre Luc Martinez—monocyte/crewman #7

Andre is an LA trained voice actor working from his pro home studio in Flagstaff, AZ. When he's not voice acting, you can find him exploring virtual reality or hunting for the paranormal wherever reported hauntings occur.

Luis Bermudez—Chief Miles Davis Murtaugh

From an early age I decided that the only thing in life I wanted to be, and had any real talent for, was an actor. I stayed up late at night improving dialogue to my favorite cartoons and tv shows, trying to insert myself into the stories other people were so fortunate to be able to tell. Now as an adult, I have found my way into this industry by working in video games, animation, and audio drama's (much like this one), to bring characters, and people to life.

It has been my immense honor to tell this story, I hope wherever you are, whatever you have gone through, that this one can help keep you distracted for a little while.

You can hear me in games like Best Friend Forever, Luminous Plume, and Crowfall, but you can see all of my work on my website; luisbermudezvo.com

Aryn Rozelle—ambassador Shala

Aryn (she/her) is a voice actor, gamer, and pizza enthusiast living in Northern California. You can hear her in the video game titles Edge of Eternity, Synthetic Lover, Stardrop, and Cereal Killaz. Aside from voice acting, she has also worked in film, musical theater, and improv, as well as behind the scenes on several film projects. With her acting experience, as well as her training in combat for film, her ultimate dream is to voice act in video games and do all her own stunts via motion capture.

In her spare time, Aryn makes video games with Raindrop Games, goes on walks with her rabbit and two cats, loves to workout with her VR headset, and is trying to catch up on her video game backlog.

andrew pond*—Admiral “Abe” Lincoln

Andrew J. Pond: moved to Chicago in 2002 from South Florida...for the weather. He is a founding member of Eclectic Full Contact Theatre, and has appeared in many of their productions. Along with his onstage work at several Chicagoland theatres, he is an Elvis impersonator, juggler, magician, balloon artist, plays with puppets, does Muppet voices, performs stand-up comedy, and has a degree in philosophy so he can use words like “epistemology” at parties.

Rue dickey—“fan favorite” phineas Q Progress

Rue Dickey (he/they) is a Welsh-Romani-Indigenous performer living in the Pacific Northwest. They graduated from Oregon State University in 2019 with Bachelor's degrees in Microbiology and Theatre Arts. Rue works as a Volunteer Coordinator at a local historical theatre and a Program Assistant at the local Parks and Recreation Department by day and moonlights as an actor and voiceover artist. You can also hear him in audio dramas like The Graveyard Tapes, Arcadia CA, and DNA 404

*Denotes EFCT Company member


Daniel Houle—Producer; Andrew Pond—Sound Design
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