The Northern Renaissance By owen keating

  • Artists were especially interested in realism.
  • It started in 1453 when populations recovered from the Black Death.
  • Northern humanists to develop plans for social reform based on Judeo-Christian values.


  • Many of Dürer's prints portrayed religious subjects
  • He traveled to Italy to study in 1494
  • He made woodcuts and engravings


  • He specialized in portrait paintings
  • These portraits had almost photographical details
  • He moved to England where he painted pictures of the King

Van Eyck

  • He used oil-based paint
  • Oil painting became very popular and spread to Italy because of the ability to layer.


  • He was interested in realistic details
  • He was good at portraying large numbers of people


  • He wrote "The Praise of Folly" which made fun at greedy merchants, heartsick lovers, quarrelsome scholars, and pompous priests.
  • He believed in Christianity
  • "Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself."


  • He wrote the book "Utopia"
  • In the book there is a place where greed, corruption, and war have been ridded of
  • "Gold and silver, of which money is made, are so treated . . . that no one values them more highly than their true nature deserves"

Christine de Pizan

  • One of the first English writers to question the different treatment of boys and girls
  • Her goal was for formal eduacation for both sexes
  • Her goal was not achieved for many more centuries

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