Mystery of Otzi the Iceman otzi was found by a couple that went on a hike. he was perfectly PRESERVED, all bones still attached. SCIENTIST have studied him for a long time and found out that he is the most perfectly preserved body ever found.

Who is Otzi?

This is Otzi

Otzi is the oldest intact fossil ever found. It is really shocking that his fossil was still intacet after so many years! Otzi’s body remained intact due to the frozen ice around his body which kept him preserved and intact.

Otzi was found on the east ridge of the Pfeilspitze in the Otztal Alps on the Austrian and Italian border.
These are ssome of the tools Otzi used to defend himself. The axe was made out of copper so, that was a sign that he lived in the copper age.
Scientist believe that this is what Otzi wore in battle and all day. I think that these pieces of clothing are just leaves and hay stuck together with a sticky substance. These pieces of clothing would never keep Otzi warm because they are just patches of stuff that are stuck together.
When did the iceman live? How do we know?

The iceman lived between 3350 and 3350 BCE. We know this because the text said that the iceman was alive some 5,000 years ago. His axe was made out of copper so, he lived in the copper age.

Why is Otzi so important?

Otzi’s axe was important because it was a symbol of rank, it was also made in the time period of 3000 BCE. They also cherished it as a weapon. His axe was made out of copper and that meant he was alive in the copper age. If there were still some stuff left on his axe like animal skin that shows that he was hunting. It determined the age of when he lived.

How did Otzi Die?

I think that Otzi was was stabbed, while defending himself. When he got stabbed, it was very very cold and he didn’t have any protection with him so he was freezing. He couldn’t walk because he was stabbed in the leg and if he took the knife out he would bleed to death. It had started snowing a lot, some of that snow also kept him from getting up because his is body is numb from the weather. The snow piled onto him and he couldn’t move. Soon, he died the, he dried up and the snow preserved his body perfectly with all his bones attached and one question the runs on and on in my mind is HOW?

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