Come enjoy some happiness By ellie nieporte

I have come up with a community where everyone has to be kind and nice to each other or they will not be able to stay and live there. Missions that i want to have happen in the future and also now is we are trying to have everyone be kind to one another, we were not put on this earth to be mean to each other so thats why my community is going to be full with happiness and kindness. We are also wanting to help people with disabilities become loved and not have mean people out there.

My motto is that everyone that is kind will be able to stay and get all the help they need from society and all of those things. Thinking about mission and vision statements bring me to what i wanted to let everyone know, everyone needs to have love for each other and help each other out when they need it.

I have come up with a few things that will be explaining the rules and policy of my community, first i will have to say that everyone that is not kind will be prosecuted to go to a camp and work on being a perfect human. Second i want to have everyone be kind to their neighbors and help them when they need it. Third is that i want everyone not only to be kind to their neighbors but i want them to bring each other foods and treats every couple days to let the neighbors know they are cared for.

Fourth is you need to take time out of you're day to talk to you're neighbor and let them know whats going on in you're life, and you need to listen and they need to listen to you. fifth you should have happy, colorful, welcoming pictures of you and you're community on the walls to let everyone know they are welcome. sixth all of the children of the group have to be nice to one another and if there are kids that are rude to each other they will be in big trouble.

Seventh, all of the older children around 10-16 need to treat the younger kids like they are great and they were put on this earth to do good and to be happy. eighth we need to keep this one a big one. All of the kids better eat healthy and that will make them happier because no kids will be sad or have body issues they will have great self esteem because they are always eating healthy because there are no bad foods.

Ninth no sugary foods are aloud in this community, only fruits and vegetables and all the low fat foods are aloud. And last but not least all of the students at school need to treat parents like they praise them and they are happy to be there students. The location of my utopia will be set in brazil back where everyone is living in a small community and they all know each other. Every single day they have t have the same rituals, every person needs to wake up, hug each other and go to wherever they are going with a smile to make the other person happy. you always have to be considerate of others and not just yourself.

Our government will be happy and everyone will be earning the same amount of money so nothing is unfair. The government will take care of that, no people will need to work every day of the week only 3 days a week so they can stay with their family. If you come to my utopia you will be pleased to see how everyone treats each other equal and make everyone be nice and you will never feel down and if you do all you have to do is talk to you're neighbors of family and they will make you happy again. Come to MY utopia to get the best experience of you're life.


Created with images by Neville Wootton Photography - "187 - Day 11 Inle Lake - Sunset over Inle Lake."

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