Guide for Parents to Keep their Children Safe By: Halle HARTLE

What age is a good age to give a kid a phones?

When kids should get a phone.

As you can see most parents believe that phone should be given to a child when they are in the age range of 11-14 years old. The other most common choice is that a phone should be given to a child when they are from the ages of 15-17 years old

Restrctions on Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular things used on phones. It can be both good and bad. For that reason there is many things you need to know about social media sites and how to keep your kids safe if they are using these.

To keep your kids safe on social media, parents need to know about all the different social media that are other their. Make sure you know what your kids will be using or are using.

All the types of social media

Age Restrictions on Social Media

A good thing for parents is that most social media sites actually requires kids to be at least 13 years old to use them. This makes it a little easier on you guys the parents. You should still be careful because there are still some sites that don't have as age restriction policies as most others do.

Risks of Social Media

There are risks of social media that you will need to know about. One is that social media is a big cause of cyber bullying. Make sure you tell your kids to never share their passwords. Let your kids know that sharing or posting mean things about someone else is not okay. Social media can also have a big impact on a kids future. Make sure your kids are keeping clean social media profiles. As a parent make sure that your kids social media is not taking over there life. Your kids time on social media each day should be cut to around 2 hours. A last risk of social media is that it can affect sleep.

Positive Effects of Social Media

There is good affects of social media on your kids. Social media is a great place for kids to meet and socialize with kids there ages. Kids can also stay connect to there family's in friends on social media.

Apps for Kids to Stay Away From

While most apps are safe to use, there are some that your kids should not use.

Pictures of some of the dangerous apps out there.

ChatRoulette: On this app you are able to talk live with strangers. This app is tried there best to let people know when the person they are video chatting with is faking who they are but, there can be the cases were people with fake profile get in.

Tinder: On this app you can post photos and look through other people photos. You are able to flag people pictures and if you flag there photos to then you are both able to contact each other. This can be bad because strangers could possibility be able to contact your kids, which can be dangers.

Poof: With this app kids are able to hide apps on there phone that they might not what you parents to see. This can be danger because you kids can be doing somethings that they are not suppose to do, and you wouldn't know it. If you kids have this app you might want look into what they are hiding.

YikYak: On this app people don't make accounts, everyone is anonymous. You can had comments without people knowing who you are. Anyone can see any comment that was posted on this app. Its dangerous because people can post mean things about other people and you wouldn't know who it was. This can cause major problems.

Things Parents Need to Know and Beware of

As kids we think we know everything about the world, that we know what is best but in fact we don't. That why as parents we need to let kids know how it really is.

A group of teenage girls on an phone.

How Phones have an Impact on College and Jobs

In today society kids don't always things about what they are doing and how these things will affect there futures. In fact what we do on our phones can impact what college we will get into and what job we will get in the future. Social is one of the places were we can do things that could change how are future will be. Its good to start as soon as possible on making are social media profiles as positive and business professional as possible

Colleges don't just look at your essay, transcript and your test scores, they also look at your social media accounts. Not all colleges look at social media accounts but most of them do. College like to know who they are hiring it gives them a better idea of who you are, what your about. You can see side of people that you would of never seen behind a polished application. In some cases colleges found not tolerable information on kids social media site and where hesitant to even actually excepting them in. In all we need to watch what are kids are posting because these little things can be the factor of whether you get into a college or not.

Jobs also can be affected by the things you do as kids. When someone is hiring someone for a job they are going to want the best working for them. Companies will most likely to look through peoples social media accounts when they are deciding to hire someone. A study did find that 84% of employer will absolutely look over your social media accounts and 48% will search you up on the internet to find out about you. If they do end up finding things about you that they don't like, you can lose the job you might of always wanted. This shows that parents need to now what there kids are posting, they need to help them understand that this can effect their future.

How Important your Digital Foot Print Is

Your digital foot print is everything that you have done on the internet, social media, the apps you have downloaded. This is something that will follow you for the rest of your life. You parents need to help your kids be observant of what they are doing on there phones. Your digital foot print can also effect what college you will get into and if you will get your dream job.

Your digital foot print.

Know What your Kids are Doing on their Phones

As parents we have a job to keep are children save and to make sure that they are doing the right things. We need to keep are kids safe online and to make sure that what they are sending or posting is appropriate. Parents need to make sure that they are up to date with the Internet and know what sites there kids are using. This will better help you know what your teen could be hiding or what they could be doing that is not right. Make sure that you know who your kids are talking to, make sure that they aren't some dangerous stranger. By knowing all this thing you can better keep your kids out of danger. Also make sure that what your kids are posting is not hurting some else. If they are make sure you help them understand that is behavior is unexceptionable. In all parents just need to beware of what is going on in there kids life on there phones.

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