“The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” James Redman, Drew smock, jacob sutton

Mystery: There was a hat and goose that was lost by someone on Christmas day but then Holmes has to deal with the theft of a blue gem. The quest is to return the hat along with the goose and find the thieves of the stolen blue gem.

Characters: Sherlock Holmes: detective, Dr. Watson: Sherlock's Client, John Horner: Charged with stealing the gem, Henry Baker: Suspected of carrying the goose, Countess of Morcar: had possession of the Blue Carbuncle, Peterson: suspected of breaking shop window, wife found gem, James Rider: blamed Horner for the crime

Outcome: The stone was first reported to be stolen in a hotel room of the Countess of Morcar. Holmes first places an advert in the evening papers and asked for Henry Baker to come to Baker street to retrieve his belongings. Watson returns to Baker street to see if the adverts worked and Henry Baker does make an appearance. Soon it appears obvious that the deductions about the hat owner were correct, but Henry Baker doesn't know anything about the stone. After, they went to the local inn where Henry Baker first bought the goose, which then find out that they brought the goose in Covent Garden. While going into the Covent Garden Holmes notices that the goose is holding the stone. He starts questioning the people holding the goose to see if he can get any more details on the situation. When the people leave Holmes grabs the goose and takes it back to the king.

Two important quotations from the text: “Holmes took up the stone and held it against the light. "It's a bonny thing,". What he is saying about this quote is that the stone doesn’t look as valuable as everyone is making it out to be and thinks that everyone is stupid to fight over a stone. "Just see how it glints and sparkles. Of course it is a nucleus and focus of crime. Every good stone is." This quote meaning is that stones are known to start crime especially when they carry as much value as it does and that people should be more cautious with what they hold.

Academic Vocab: The first academic vocab that comes to mind when reading any Sherlock Holmes is ethical appeal. With every detail he mentions while deducing, we start to believe more and more in what he is saying. Holmes is an expert detective. The other vocab word that is also all throughout the Sherlock Holmes series is foil. The most obvious foil to Holmes is of course Dr. Watson. Seeing Holmes through Watson’s eyes and trying to understand the reason Holmes does the things he does is the best way to compare the two.

Quiz True/False questions: 1.)It is a hot summer day when Watson goes to see Holmes. 2.)Watson visits his old friend living at 221B Baker Street. 3.)Holmes is wearing his usual night gown when Watson see’s him. 4.)Holmes is examining an old broken umbrella. 5.)The hat and goose had been brought to Holmes by Watson. 6.)The commissionaire’s wife ends up cooking the poor goose. 7.)After noticing that on the bird's neck with the initials of HB, he deduced that the hat belonged to Hadley Brady. 8.)The blue diamond was called the Blue Carbuncle. 9.)Hadley Brady knows how the diamond got inside of the goose. 10.)Ryder was the man who committed the crime and was freed by Holmes.

Answer Key: 1.)F 2.)T 3.)T 4.)F 5.)F 6.)T 7.)F 8.)T 9.)F 10.)T

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