Our album range, from left to right - the Bel Air, Riviera and Eldorado

We believe an album is an important, lasting and tangible piece of your wedding and therefore do not skimp out on poorly made albums. I mean, if you're going to do it, lets do it RIGHT! A completed custom designed album not only tells the story of your day, but gives you an heirloom to hand down to future generations. Digital files are cool, but there’s nothing quite like holding a completed album.



The Eldorado

Our top of the line album and completely hand-made, the Eldorado features extra thick pages and archival printing on the finest photographic paper. Available in a variety of leathers and fabrics and upgradeable to specialty covers such as acrylic and printed metal.

Here The Eldorado is shown in Wedgewood blue leather with typeset name.

The Eldorado's handcrafted pages are thick & sturdy.


The Riviera

The Riviera is our beautiful go-to album, with seamless full-spread pages and covers available in a variety of vegan leathers and fabrics.

The Riviera pages have a bit of 'give' without feeling flimsy.


The Bel-Air

The Bel-Air is our 8x8 parent album, available in a variety of vegan leathers and fabrics.

The Bel-Air pages are flexible yet sturdy.


The Vespa Gallery Box

The Vespa Gallery box offers an exquisite way to show off your favorite fine art photographs

Images are printed on velvety deep matte art paper and individually matted

The optional easel allows you to display the individual image of your choice

The Vespa Gallery Box can be utilized as a stand alone item, or in addition to your album to highlight favorite key wedding images


encaustic art pieces

We're excited to offer one-of-a-kind handmade Encaustic Art Pieces. Encaustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C., and has made quite a fine art comeback in recent years. The multi-step process involves mounting your image on a wood panel. Melted beeswax and oil paints are layered, heated and buffed. The result is a uniquely individual one-of-a-kind piece which cannot be exactly duplicated or reproduced. The final character and look of each piece reveals itself throughout the process and cannot be planned out in advance.

putting a few finishing touches to the piece below...


Bel Air parent album - 8x8 Bel Air album. 30 images -20 pages. Extra images/pages available as upgrade - $385

Riviera Album - 10x10 - 80 images - 30 pages - $900

Eldorado Album - 10x10 - 80 images - 30 pages - $1900

handmade Encaustic art piece - $325

Vespa gallery box with or without easel - $995


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