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4 Step Magic Morning Routine

(HELPFUL HINT: a great option for keeping you on track with time for this Morning Practice is to choose a meditation or sleep-sounds app you love. It's so much sweeter to select a track of rain sounds to play for five minutes that gently ends, than it is hear to an alarm suddenly ring.

  1. First 5 minutes: YOU TIME: Silence/Prayer/Meditation. This might be the only time in the day you get of total you-time. Take advantage of this dreamy morning magic by treating yourself to a mindfulness practice. Pay attention to your breath, notice sensations in your body. Observe feelings without judgement. Gently appreciate your Being, the nowness, the opportunity of a new day! Choose positive emotions as you wake up to greet your day.
  2. Second 5 minutes: AFFIRMATIONS. Speak out loud (quietly counts) and with genuine emotion, in present-positive tense, exactly what you want to be experiencing in your life. (ex: "I am enjoying performing on stage," "I am noticing my account always stays about $2K," "I am feeling so loved my family and friends.") Yes, this one feels goofy at first, but notice how nuts it is that one would feel embarrassed to speak their desires out loud. How can you experience something you are too shy to even SAY?! Say it proudly today, so you can enjoy it proudly tomorrow.
  3. Third 5 minutes: VISUALIZE! This is the fun part. If you were once a kid (you were!), you can totally do this. It's basically a 5-minute imagination blitz with a purpose. It is really fun and it really works! Imagine BEING already there (your desired goal: confidence, creating cool stuff, lush income, hot romance, shopping trips with ease and peace, driving up the California coast, ooh baby)!
  4. Fourth 5 minutes: EXECUTE: Okay, now take your high-vibing, jazzy body to your planner and write out what key actions you are ACTUALLY going to do today that will take you one step closer to your reality. Keep your positive mood steady, and choose a task that is absolutely 100% doable, TODAY. The purpose of this final piece is to lock into place your desire for your dream life and your commitment to show up to the action steps it takes to build your dream life, step by step. If you can think it, speak it, and do it (however small of a step), you will be well on your way. "JUST DO IT."
  5. (BUSY BEE OPTION: If 20 minutes is too much for you right now, start with 2 minutes for each of these and your entire morning routine will only take 8 minutes. Everyone has at least 8 minutes to bring their dream life into reality, aka #noexcuses. Do you want it or do you demand it?)
Each inspired action is moving you closer to suddenly finding yourself in the life you visualized. How awesome would that be?!

Want proof it works? Well, shucks, here I am working in Paris. OMG.

Badass Essential Reading List:

Guess what every mega successful person has in common? Constant Learning! You can upgrade your brain and your self-esteem by drawing from the fountain of wisdom below. Do it every day to increase your inner-knowing and magnify your creative wisdom. Having what you want is not conditional on outside circumstances. The first and only step is to believe that you can have what you want. These books will help you KNOW that it is SO possible for you.

The #1 Trick for Confidence to Create with Magic and Charm

Flip the switch time! Notice that your favorite creators/inspirers/mentors are those who appear so totally genuine. There is magic in sincerity and vulnerability. We delight in seeing others appear 100% real, but we balk at being that honest in revealing ourselves. Huh? Do you really think other people are more worthy of authentic than you are?! Being sincere is incredibly magnetizing. If you find yourself freaking out about how authentic to be, or not be, or wondering if your work is good enough, remind yourself of a how connected you feel to someone who is genuine and confident. They come across that way because they aren't preoccupied with what impression they make. They are focused on being massively real in the moment.

How can you have more confidence? Lean into Sincerity. When you lean into sincerity, you make yourself vulnerable and throw out all notion of *trying* to appear confident. In your fearlessness about appearing vulnerable, you will appear confident to others. Simply because you are being so REAL that you couldn't give two sh*ts about how you are evaluated. You KNOW your own worth and you have a cool thing to share. SO SHARE IT SINCERELY. Know that people around you enjoy, admire, respect it. People will even feel more comfortable around you because they feel permission to be authentic too! And always remember: Anyone who matters doesn't mind, and anyone who minds, doesn't matter. Now dive into completing your awesome, uniquely-you work. Done is better than perfect. And You, in your Realness, are perfectly, authentically cool.

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