Bulgaria October 2017

I don't know why more people don't travel to the Balkans in October. The colours really are amazing as autumn takes over a countryside that is largely empty and undeveloped. T-shirt weather, low prices and very good food have all helped make it an annual pilgrimage for me.

A late arrival meant an overnight stay at an airport hotel. The next morning, we collected our rental car and headed to Veliko Tarnovo for a three night stay. But, first there was a stop off in Lovech and it's wonderful covered bridge for lunch.

Covered Bridge, Lovech

We took a short stroll up through the Old Town to the Hisarya Fortress. Beautiful old buildings, similar in style to those in Berat, Albania, lined the leafy cobbled street up the side of the hill. At the top of which we were rewarded with views over the town and surrounding valley.

Old Town, Lovech

After lunch, we finished the drive to Veliko Tarnovo. Stunning scenery, although I don't think the "ladies of negotiable affection" in the lay-bys were appreciating it.

Initial impressions of Veliko Tarnovo were good, particularly the view from our bedroom. But, they were nothing compared to when the sunset came in.

Sunset over Veliko Tarnovo

The next morning, we drove to the nearby village of Arbanassi. Just a few kilometres outside Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi is filled with buildings in the traditional Bulgarian style.


That afternoon, we headed south to the very communist looking Gabrovo to visit the Humour Museum. We particularly enjoyed the exhibition mocking Donald Trump.


On the drive back, we were more than a little distracted by the scenery and another stunning sunset around Dryanovo.

Another stunning Bulgarian sunset. And a less than stunning toilet.

We spent our last day in Veliko Tarnovo exploring the town. In particular, the Tsarevets Fortress where we met an English couple whose daughter had bought an apartment in the town. Food for thought!

Tsarevets Fortress
Tsaravet Fortress

Veliko Tarnovo is a stunningly beautiful town. Wrapped around the steep banks of the Yantra river, it provides amazing views across the countryside.

Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo

And then more gratuitous sunset shots...

Sunset over the Monument of Asenevci
Bulgarian sunsets really are rather special...

We then headed to Sofia for one last night.

The Party House, Sofia
Around Sofia


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