Have You Ever Wondered . . . what would it take tO get more of god?

There is a way . . . But it is not what we'd think. "There is a way that seems right to man but it only leads to death." Proverbs 14:12

In Jerusalem they still seek His face . . . bringing the desires of their hearts to Him, even though their present doctrine, practices and beliefs are not invitational to God.

Here on earth there is a veil over hearts and confusion about God today, even in the church: many, while wanting Him, don't really know Him and His ways.

Some just stand in silent prayer . . . others write out their requests and press their notes to God in the cracks between the ancient foundational stones of the great temple

But wanting God's benefits, even sincerely, is a difficult desire to fulfill when the way is obscured by spiritual culture and dwelling in a reigious belief structure: The enemy of our souls always lies about God, His ways and misapplies Scripture. Its still true today, even for Christians.

Moses understood the problem: The Scriptures gave boundaries, explained what God liked and did not like and prescribed the formal ways to worship, but there was more so he asked,

"Lord, if I've found favor in your sight, show me your ways so that I may know you and continue in Your favor." Exodus 33: 13
Jesus said, "You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; It is these that testify about me..." John 5: 39

And in those days this is how they thought, but we are still missing the realization of Moses in Exodus 33: 13

Its wonderful to share and know the Scriptures. But breathing God's breath of life into them and starting to do His will is not always so popular at church.

Background photo: White Synagogue, built on the remains of the Synagogue of Jesus in Capernaum

When Jesus opened the Scriptures in His hometown Synagogue and began to bring the members to Himself and His ways, the ways of God, they tried to kill Him.

In Jeresulem, both Jesus and later, His disciples were resisted in bringing God's heart and ways to the people, the very thing for which Moses cried out to God to know and incorporate into his own life.

Model of the temple in Jerusalem for the time of Jesus

The disciples were forbidden to teach in the name of Jesus, but they met publicly on the Temple Mount in the portico of Soloman and proclaimed God's kingdom. Acts 5: 12

Note: Shown is portico of Church of Beatitudes, built over spot Jesus preached Sermon on the Mount

Let's return to Jerusalem to see what else the disciples did beside public speaking and demonstrations of God's power.

The new converts were continually devoting themselves to the apostle's teaching. Acts 2: 42. But what could these unlearned Galileean fisherman have been teaching? They were training new converts, replicating their experiences with Jesus; the training they had received from Jesus, Matthew 28: 19, to do His miraculous works; A command of God to which we're not obedient to in christiandom today.

We've lived and ministered in three major moves of God: through the Vineyard -California sweeping around the world- in the 1980's; with Ellel Ministries in the 1990's in the UK and spreading worldwide and in the former USSR following the collapse of the Iron Curtain, continuing until now. We've both pastored in local church in the USA and Eastern Europe and traveled around the world, training disciples in the ways of Jesus to do His works, John 14: 12. We would like to share with you some of what we've learned and experienced as embodied in the training course that we developed for our local church in Busapest, Hungary, a course that has now been presented (by ourselves and those we've discipled), above and below the equator, in many countries training many thousands.

The discipleship training course, Answering Christ's Call, was filmed at The Brussels (Belgium), Vineyard Church and has been made into a three volume set with 18 DVD's in all.

This is a course for both church leaders and regular members, with DVD's on the following subjects:

  1. Why Pray for Others
  2. Spiritual Reality & Spiritual Tools
  3. Body Soul & Spirit, Lordship of Jesus
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. The Holy Spirit Continued
  6. Spiritual Tools
  7. The Power of Words
  8. Godly Emotions
  9. Inner Healing
  10. Blessings & Curses
  11. Spiritual Gifts
  12. Generational Sin
  13. Sexual Sin
  14. Understanding the Created Realms & Authority
  15. Demonic Entry Points
  16. Demonic Character & Deliverance Ministry
  17. Mount Everest Profile & Ministry Practice
  18. Putting It All Together


Because this was filmed in a local church, for reasons of congregational privacy, none of the demonstration ministry is presented here. Therefore a major portion of the experiential teaching is missing. Secondly, there are classroom, student ministry exercises which are also not shown which you cannot participate in by watching the videos.

Encouragement: Even prayerfully watching the videos can be a life changing experience as God opens your eyes to more. Of course, having watched the videos, you will be better prepared to participate in a live presentation of Answering Christ's Call.

Please see final screen to find out about the teaching manual that you will need to get the most from the DVD version, the same one that the live classes use.

The Answering Christ's Call discipleship training course manual is an 8 1/2x11 inch, 122 page, fully bound book filled with all the Scripture references and concepts that you will need to get the most from the course. Included is a 44 page appendix that answers many important questions that are not normally taught in local church. The book is available from Amazon.com in the USA and Europe. We can also arrange with our publisher for Australia, New Zealand, and some other English speaking nations.
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