Skincare Regimen Tips on getting the best skin of your life this year!!

Skin Regime

One of the most important aspects of skincare that you can do for your skin is create health habits by creating a specific skincare regime based on your skin specific needs and skin health. The basis of your routine should be washing once in the morning and once at night followed by serums, moisturizers or other products created for your skin type and needs. Your dermatologist can help you create the perfect regimen for your skin.

Skincare Regime

Don't you want this to be the year that gives you the best skin of your life. I know I do after just turning 40. The earlier in life you start to seriously care for your skin the more youthful and radiant you will look. Doesn't Matter if your 20 years old or 80 years old. It's never to late to reverse signs of aging. The trick is too stick with your skincare regime instead of quoting after you see the results your after. Skincare is very overwhelming for some woman because there are so many products and tips. Unfortunately you have to find which ones work for you. What you have to do to have the best skin of your life is find a skin regime that works for you . Here are three tips that are very important when achieving your results of the best skin ever!

Skincare Regiem
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  • Tip #1 Believe it or not using a cell phone can cause skin irritations. While on your cell phone all the time, your cell phone goes with you everywhere which means it also picks up all kinds of bacteria and germs. When you hold the phone to your face, you are transferring these bacteria and germs to your face leading to Acne at the least and infection at the worst. Clean your phone with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to kill all unwanted germs and bacteria. Keep your phone clean and sanitary.

Tip #2. The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate which means you have to pay special close attention to that area. Be gentle when applying products to that area to prevent tugging and damage. It is imperative you use products that target the eye area only because the eyes are more prone to wrinkling then the rest of your body.

Tip #3. Don't neglect your neck!! The neck is said to show aging more so then the face. When applying your Retinol creams to your face, slap some on your neck. Whatever cream you decide to use, when applying to the neck area always rub upwards towards the face. Since rubbing creams or lotions down the neck pulls the skin causing it to sag more and quicker. Retinol should be used as a nightly skin cream. Research shows Retinol Does its work at nighttime whereas during the day it could actually cause increase aging due to the photosensitivity. During the day a vitamin C serum and a lotion containing SPF should be used in the morning and during daylight hours.

Apply Blush

Tip #4. Blush is brilliant for a woman with pale skin. It will work wonders for brightening up your face. Using bright colors can work really well, just be sure to apply lightly and don't put to much on the brush. The are many illuminating powder blushes out there that will make your skin glow. Find one that is right for you. Illuminating powder like Too Faced Candlelight has been highly recommended.

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