Roger (the Giant) Student of reardan high school

One of the greatest guys you'll meet, if you've met just Kanye West and Bill Cosby. And even then, Kanye West will let you get a pair of shoes for half off. So, call me the second greatest guy you'll ever meet. Also, I am one of the funniest people you'll meet, just wait and see the incredibly original names I could call people, ecks dee.

Personal Interests: Basketball, Listening to Mainstream Contemporary Pop Music, Shopping, Baseball-Card Collector, and 'Jokes'.

2/13 - "Shopped for some Fear of God denim, copped it."

Personality Description: A little racist, but will come through for friends in specific situations. I'd fit the stereotypical description of a jock, and I enjoy sports. I'd would also be considered popular, but I'm open if you want to have my respect earned.

"If you're down, I'll help you up. That's unless it involves work."

My dreams are to become a famous athlete. Ugh, with all the incredible competition, I'm sure to destroy all of them as I am the superior. Until that day, I'm pushing myself to my limit and constantly working. ;)

"Hopefully me in my later years..."

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