La Historia de España by Coyle Reice 8Hearts

Spain was a great place to stop, comercio, and repair damaged ships. For nearly 700 years, Spain was constantly luchado over by many different groups.
  • Celtas were the first group to invadir
  • They took the occidental half of Spain
  • Iberos also invaded and took the eastern part of Spain
  • The two groups unido to for the Celtiberos
  • The strong Roman Empire tomaron Spain with no resistance
  • The Romans delicado everyone they saw
  • Many Roman cities still have acueductos that supply them with water
  • There es still an aqueduct in Segovia
  • Next the Reino of the Visigoths takes over
  • They also kill, roban, and pillage
  • The Moors surgió from Africa into Spain
  • They were escaping religioso persecution
  • They easily defeated the Visigoth Kingdoms
  • La Reconquista
  • Christians tried to push the Moors out of Spain
  • War of Words
  • this war created "Cristianos falsos"
  • Santiago: "matamoros"
  • wanted to kill all muslims
  • Toledo, Ciudad of Tolerance
  • Kind to all religions
  • Jews, Christians, and Muslims
  • Influence of all 3 todavía evident today
  • Last Moorish king is defeated and Reyes Catolicos take over
  • Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castilla
  • They terminaron the reconquista in 1492
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • Only Catholics were allowed en Spain
  • Muslims were torturado until they converted
  • The Pope dio permission to torture the Muslims
  • Gold Diggers
  • People who casado into power and money
  • Marris Felipe marries Juana and the Habsburg familia rules Spain
  • Carlos I son of Juana and Felipe
  • Holy Roman Emperor
  • Empieza the conquest of the Incas and Axtecs
  • La Leyenda Negra
  • The Black Legend
  • Artist made people think Spain was the sewer of the world
  • Kings and Queens were thought to come children
  • El Greco was a painter who insults Felipe II through his art
  • Felipe odiado his style so he refused to hire him and Greco was mad
  • More Habsburg Kings
  • Felipe II is succeeded by his son Felipe III
  • Felipe III is tenido éxito by Felipe IV
  • Felipe reigns over the richest time period in Spanish history
  • the Siglo de Oro
  • Literature, tragedia, and art
  • Don Juan is a character in a libro who is a real "Latin Lover"
  • Felipe IV's son, Carlos II, muere without an heir
  • War
  • Felipe V gana the throne
  • Bourbons start their rule over Spain
Carlos IV, Son of Felipe V, ruled with total incompetence. He was amigos with Napoleon.
  • More war
  • A rebellion on May 2, 1808 in Madrid begins the War of Spanish Independencia
  • Ferdinand VII, Son of Carlos IV, returns from exile in France
  • Ferdinand dies leaving only a daughter
  • The kingdom is split on the issue of a woman ruler
  • Isabel II rules through political turmoil
  • The "Glorious Revolution" removes Isabel II from power in 1868
Alfonso XIII comes to power after Isabel was "removed". He was unable to put a stop to the político tension and low morale of the country, so he allows a military general to establish a dictatorship from 1923 - 1931.

In 1931 Spain votes to try Democracy again.

  • The Second republic of Spain
  • The set up a progressive constitución
  • The new government created an even deeper political and social divide
  • General Francisco stages a military revolt in 1936, beginning the Civil War
  • He was a fascist dictador of Spain from 1939 until his death in 1975
  • Basque terrorists group ETA assassinates Franco’s chosen successor
  • Franco chooses grandson of Alfonso XIII to take over
  • Upon Franco’s death in 1975, Juan Carlos I de Borbon becomes King of SPain
  • In 1978, Suarez is elected in the first elections held in Spain since 1936
  • In 80’s Felipe Gonzalez leads Spain out of isolation, joining NATO and the EU
  • Jose maria Aznar increases Spain’s influence in the world, with a growing economy and strong alliance with the USA
  • On March 11, 2004 Islamic fundamentalists terrorists place bombs on several commuter trains in Madrid, killing nearly 200 and injuring over 2000
  • 2 days after the attack, elections proclaim jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero the new Prime Minister of Spain
  • His first action, as promised, was to withdraw Spanish troops from the US guerra with Iraq
  • Under his government, Spain joined several other European nations in legalizing same-sex(gender) marriage
  • He won re-election in 2008
As a parliamentary monarchy, Spain retains its royal family, although all government decisions are handled by Parliament and the Presidente of the Government
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