Never Elected Morphed out of DC, and beyond the Beltway...

A common love for the heavy grunge of the 90s and good old Rock n Roll is what brought the guys of Never Elected together. Within 2 years of formation, they released their debut album 'Down Too Long' in 2017 and are now on the verge of completing album 2.

The band is currently on an all time high, with their recently released single ‘Wake Up’ getting airplay worldwide. The new single is available on most digital platforms for streaming and downloads.

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Writing for album 2 is almost complete and the new music shows us a darker, heavier side of Never Elected.

Some fan footage from a recent show at Atlas Brew Works in Washington DC. Song 1 is the upcoming single ‘Wake Up’ followed by ‘All Rise’

Pic Credits : Carol Antezena and Shilpa Shandil

Window is one of the most loved songs from the first album that people have loved at every show. Check it out here

--- MEET THE BAND ----

Altan Aydin - Guitars

Loves Seinfeld, Trailer Park Boys and is always up to the funniest stuff in the band. A true Ambassador of Rakı bound by his Turkish roots (pending endorsement from Yeni) also loves a good Aslin beer. Always fun to be around and a perfectionist when it comes to playing guitar

Abel Arevalo Paiva - Drums

Abel, originally from Bolivia loves nature and often spends his time in the wilderness. When back in his hometown of Bolivia, he makes trips deep into the forests and spends time with the tribes exchanging gifts and candy with the local folk.

Sujit Kumar - Vocals

Known as Madman, Crazyboy, Wildchild and more.. A man known as much for his eccentricities on and off stage as for his love for Rum and Spicy Indian food. Often seen climbing speakers, tables, bartops and sometimes even people.

Arnaud AKA Dr. T

Dr. T picked up the bass guitar when he was 14, just because it had big fat strings and looked cool. He cultivates a French accent solely so he can pick up girls more easily, as he understood quickly that ladies did not really care for bassists..


Created with images by Sergey Zolkin - "untitled image" Band images by Carol Antezana and Shilpa Shandil