Spring Break By:Shouq AL JAidah

This is a photo of the mountains we woke up to every morning it was really beautiful and the sunsets where even better than the sun rises.

This is a photo of some purple flowers because i thought that the colors of the flower matched with the water and made the water look 10 times better the flowers also smelled really really good.
This is a photo of a flower that was not really the way a normal flower would stand it would stand upside down and looked really cool kinda looked like a umbrella.
This is a photo of a horse looking out into the lake and looking at the mountains the horse as really nice she was really soft to be honest with you and she never really looked around her she would just keep looking at the mountain but only when she saw food she would turn around.it was kinda hard to take the photo because there where horses right behind me and it was kinda scary.
This is a photo of me in a donjon and i put the camera so it would look like the person looking at the photo would feel that and it would feel like you where looking at a mountain in a cage.
This is a photo of a caslte and when you walk into the cast;e it look s so cool and pretty you can see how they used to hand people and where they used the store there wine and beer and food.
This is a photo of a rail road and the sign says that you can't walk on the track because its dangerous and there is a big line on it.
This is a photo of when you are going up in the gondolas to the top of the mountain this is what up see when you are about 1/8 of the way up.
This is the mountain they call full of trees because the mountain is just full of tress you cant see anything else but trees.
This is a photo of a lake that people would go on boats and see swans and sucks swimming around people on kayacs paddle boards.

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