The Boys Who Challenged Hitler By: Phillip Hoose

Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Gang

Social Context

Geographical Context

The novel is set in Denmark, which was invaded by the Nazis on the ninth of April 1940.

The Nazis took over Denmark quite easily due to the fact that Denmark had a very weak government.

Map of Denmark

Some of the key locations from the novel took place in the Pedersen's cathedral house, and in several of the Nazi's bunks.

Cultural Context

  • Some of the traditional beliefs during this time period were Christianity and Catholicity.
  • Some of the general practices included going to a private religious based school.
  • Also Knud, a main character, and his family owned a cathedral as a house, proving they are religious.
  • Also Knud's father was a priest.


Churchill Gang , Adolf Hitler, and Knud Pedersen

Historically, the Churchill Gang, Hitler and his Nazis, along with Knud Pedersen, who was a leader in the Churchill Gang, were the main individuals of the novel. Some the most important events were when Germany invaded Denmark because Knud, along with his brother, knew they had to do something, starting their mini revolt against the mighty Nazi's. Another important event was when the Churchill Gang successfully stole a German machine gun, it made them all feel very confident in themselves and gave them the will power to keep fight against the Germans.

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