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Поздравление российским женщинам с 8 Марта

Открытый университет

Проект Открытый России, Открытый университет is an online university (non accredited), offering courses of general interest to the public. The courses are created by leading experts in the field of finance, economy, government, law, etc. Each course is made up of a number of lectures, includes supplemental reading materials as well as quizzes and tests. Topics:


"Он вам не Димон": расследование Фонда борьбы с коррупцией о секретных дворцах, виноградниках и яхтах Дмитрия Медведева. (текст). With Russian and very good English lang. subtitles.

Institute of Modern Russia

The Institute of Modern Russia (Институт современной России) is an American-based public policy think-tank affiliated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Open Russia Foundation (Открытая Россия). According to the IMR, they seek to promote "social, economic, and institutional development in Russia through research, analysis, advocacy and outreach" with a goal of advancing "Russia’s integration into the community of democracies and to improve its cooperation on the global stage." The site runs two projects that may be of interest:

  • The Rundown: a weekly English-language digest summarizing Russian articles from oppositional, pro-West publications including Vedomosti, Carnegie Moscow CenterMeduza, and Novaya Gazeta (pro-Kremlin news sites feature rarely). The curated articles are mostly longreads -- heavy on analysis, and focused on policy (internal and foreign), the economy and law (human rights abuses, corruption, etc). Each summary includes a link back to the original Russian source.
  • Панорама: updated every Friday, the Russian-language digest offers "обзоры наиболее интересных западных исследований, мероприятий, книг и материалов СМИ, связанных с Россией" with sources including Foreign Policy, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Радио свобода:

All podcasts on Radio Svoboda site. Recommended programs include:

  • Новости: Short (~five minute) overview of the most news-worthy events of the day. No script.
  • Экономическая среда: Weekly program about the most important economic events & news in Russia and the world. Scripts for most episodes available 2-3 days after airing.
  • Время Свободы - Итоги недели: Weekly summary of the most important/talked-about news of the past week. Covers politics, the economy, as well as social and cultural events; includes interviews with experts. No script.
  • Грани времени: Host Vladimir Kara-Murza senior and various guests/experts discuss the latest news, current events in Russia and the world. Script and video streaming available.
  • Поверх барьеров - Американский час: Twice weekly program centered around American culture (films, exhibits, premiers) as well as interviews with people on the street and overview of the Russian-language press in America. Script available.
  • Правосудие: Weekly show about the latest developments in law and jurisprudence. Recent programs have brought together experts to discuss the law decriminalizing domestic violence, the problem of torture in Russian prisons as well as more every day topics such as mortgage law, law and health care, etc. Script and recorded live-stream available. Highly recommended, though can be difficult due to specialized (law) vocabulary.
  • Рожденные после СССР: A program about Russian millennial--those born after the fall of the USSR. Topics range from discussions about the changing nature of television programming, the role of the young writer in modern Russia, America: a symbol of freedom or foe? Interesting for those who want to hear more natural, modern speech, but use of slang can make program difficult to understand. Script and recorded livestream available.
  • Цитаты Свободы: A very interesting program that looks at the events of the past week through the lens of social media. Includes direct citations from social media accounts (blogs, twitter, etc) of politicians, actors, leading oppositional figures, etc as well as examples of the very latest memes and jokes, popular on runet. Script is available with links to the various sources (twitter accounts, blogs, fb pages). Highly recommended though subjects can be esoteric--mainly Russia centered.
  • Футурошок: Popular science centered podcast that brings together experts in IT, computers & the sciences to discuss the latest advances/inventions in tech. Touches on broad social issues--employment, law-making--that may be effected by these new advances. Includes script and is not too difficult to follow as most of the new terms are cognates.

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