Autobiography papyrus scroll

When people find my tomb thousands of years from now I would like people to know who I was even though I wouldn't have done anything really special I would have liked people to know that I was always open minded, shy, kind.

Life for me is nothing really special because why would people worry so much about what you are doing in life. Life is a good thing to have but also many no longer want to have a life sometimes because of the things that they have done was not special at all.

Death to me is like a good thing because you have more freedom in the after life then the living. Even though people say dying is really bad I think for me it's the best thing something could happen to you.

People always are afraid of death because they think it's the end of their life's but in many cultures once you die you can still see the ones you love or in another one you come back as another person, animle, plant, or anything you think of. And the last one you just die and rest but death should not be the most scared thing in the world.

The way people think of death should be different then what it is now. No one should fear it yes it would be sad but it shouldn't be feared like it is now.


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