Kate Fontaine By Katie holt

Freshman Kate Fontaine has a passion for horses. Her family owns eight horses on a ten-acre horse form. Of those horses, six are quarter horses-one of which is a paint, one is a Shetland pony, and a welsh pony. Fontaine has been around horses her whole life. She even started riding them when she was six months old.

“I never really get tired of horses themselves,” Fontaine says. “But, cleaning their stalls, staying in the barn with the farrier, and other things like that can get annoying sometimes.”

Fontaine is also a member of the KCHS Volleyball Program, but she finds time to care for her horses between her practices and schoolwork.

“Owning horses doesn’t actually affect my life very much, other than bringing them into the barn to eat every night and having someone trim their feet every six weeks,” Fontaine says.

Fontaine also used to ride horses competitively when she was younger. While she lived in Minnesota, she rode at the State Fair in 2014 for a drill time, the Buffalo Saddle Club. She and her family have had difficulty finding horse shows they like in Tennessee, so now she rides for fun.

“My favorite thing about horses is probably feeling the wind when you're running or stopping after racing,” Fontaine comments.

When Fontaine is older, she hopes to have her own horse farm with horses that fit her best.