Shoot Day: 29th or 30th of April - 1 FULL DAY


  • 1 Minute Video
  • No/Minimal Sound, set to backing track (options below)
  • Concept board
  • No budget or crew

POP CAMPAIGN - Stella McCartney

A reference for the industry standard of fashion/campaign film


  • Very loose narrative
  • Emphasis is on conveying the mood / lifestyle / concept over telling a story
  • No sound just backing track, would never have a speaking part
  • Strong focus on Talent and Product
  • Shots set up very similar to that of campaign stills (see below), almost like the 'moving version' of the images.
  • 1 minute time frame

KES FALL 2017 Fashion Film


  • pretty much everything
  • colour grading / natural lighting
  • composition and camera angles
  • 'symbolic close ups' - facial expressions, hands. for us this will be symbolic of spring ie. hands making blooming gestures,
  • effects - cactus (not essential)
  • basically all in slow motion
  • posing / acting

Landscapes - Tim Labenda


  • Editing (Ignore special effects)
  • Set up - subverted shots of environment to lead with then an emergence of talent
  • Each 'look' is shot at full length, and then seen symbolic close up shots (hand holding, arms wrapped around body, whispering in ear)
  • Use of props
  • Posing / acting

Music Options

Anything from here (my picks below):

  • Arrhythmia
  • Fluke
  • VS. (my fav)

Anything from here (my picks below)

  • Misread
  • TV

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