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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society invites you to join us in our campaign to Think Flavour and discover the spectrum of flavours in our range of single cask, single malts.

Prepare to break free from prescriptive whisky traditions and release your senses on a journey through our unique 12 flavour profiles.

To explore the role of flavour, we have joined forces with a group of Flavour Fanatics from various fields. Our experts will share insights into flavour in their own worlds, and showcase some sensational – and unusual – whisky pairings.

Together, the Society and our collaborators are staging a series of Flavour Fanatics events, to explore the significance and development of flavour in different fields of food and drink.

Throughout the events, guests will have the chance to taste a series of different foods, perfectly paired with Society whiskies. The aim of the events is to help whisky fans, and other food and drink enthusiasts, learn how to identify and enjoy a range of flavours and enhance their sensory skills.

Get to know our Flavour Fanatics and take a look at their profiles below to find out more about their insights into flavour and whisky...

Ned Palmer, affineur

Ned is an affineur, the cheese equivalent of a sommelier. He travels the UK and the Continent to discover the very best artisanal cheeses and bring them back to London to present at his expert cheese tastings. Ned explores and demonstrates an extraordinary knowledge of cheese and wine, beer or champagne pairings - and now he has turned his expertise to the Society's 12 unique flavour profiles.

Dumo Mathema, coffee roaster

Originally from Zimbabwe, Dumo moved to London at the age of nine and has been making his mark on the specialist coffee scene for the past 10 years. Beginning as a barista, Dumo has a passion for the diverse flavours in coffee, continually pushing the boundaries of experimentation to create his own blends. He is now head roaster and co-owner of The Roastery Department, and has been known to enjoy a whisky or two.

Fergus Drennan, forager

Fergus Drennan has been exploring the world of wild foods, and wild plants more generally, for the past 25 years. He has a passion for seeking out and sharing the fascinating flavours provided by nature, and regularly takes fellow enthusiasts on a flavour journey with him through immersive foraging experiences. With a repertoire of flavours like no-one else, Fergus offers up whisky pairings the likes of which you'll have never experienced before.

We are kicking off our campaign to Think Flavour with a Flavour Fanatics Sensory Symposium event at Protein Studios Gallery, Shoreditch on Wednesday, 10 May.

Tickets are £20 from the SMWS website and are available to members and non-members.

The SMWS is an international whisky club that bottles rare single cask, single malt whisky. Its whiskies are all categorised by flavour, using 12 unique flavour profiles with names such as ‘Spicy & Dry’ and ‘Deep Rich and Dried Fruits’. This unconventional flavour approach to whisky makes this often misunderstood and daunting spirit more accessible and fun to explore.

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