Work Zone Speed Limits near Campus Fixing the issue of congestion from unnecessary speed limits

School Zone speed limits make sense.

But what you will notice about them is that they only are active at specific times during the day.

Why not apply the same logic to the construction zone speed limits near campus?

We have construction zone speed limits because we care about the safety of these guys. But what about when they aren't there?

There is nothing more frustrating that looking around and seeing hundreds of cars all around you, in total gridlock. This leads to intense stress and frustration, affecting the moods of everyone stuck in traffic.

To save Lynchburg commuters time and frustration, the Lynchburg City Development coordinator should restrict work zone speed limits only to times when the construction is active, and only in the immediate areas of construction work.

Created By
Sander Smith


Created with images by PIRO4D - "roll road roller grader" • KOMUnews - "Speed Limit Reduction" • Life-Of-Pix - "construction worker work worker" • takomabibelot - "Hydrants in a Construction Zone: Crooked, Orange & Red (Baltimore, MD)" • OregonDOT - "Incident Response — always in orange" • steinchen - "clock time stopwatch"

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