The Three Abrahamic Religions jonathan irace

The Three Abrahamic religions, the most popular religions known to man, the beliefs that have started wars and make us question our existence. The three religions are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. All are from the Middle East, believe in one God, and have strict rules each and everyone person is believed to follow to earn their ticket to Heaven.

Let's start with the one that started it all, Judaism. Judaism is known to be the religion that soon help Christianity and Islam branch off. As the oldest surviving monotheistic religion, it was created around the second millennium B.C.E. by Abraham in the East Mediterranean . Jews have their own set of laws set upon them from The Torah, which is there religious text, like Christians have the Bible and Muslims have the Quran. A Jewish place of worship is called a Synagogue which has a Jewish priest, called a Cohen. But how is Judaism different from Christianity and Islam? One example is the major holiday Christmas. Christians use that time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, their savior. Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ being a prophet of God so they instead celebrate Hanukkah to commerce Jews in Second Century rising up against their Syrian and Greeks, who enslaved them. But for Muslims, many still celebrate Christmas, but not Jesus Christs birthday but instead to celebrate the holiday icon Santa Claus.

Now lets head to the most popular religion known to man. Christianity. Christianity is a branch off Judaism, and was founded by Jesus Christ around 7 B.C. in Middle East. Christians have many beliefs they see as life morals. They have their own set of rules called The Ten Commandments which in summary say, don't disrespect God, don't steal, don't assault your neighbor or neighbors wife , etc. A popular holiday that represents Christians is the holiday mentioned before Christmas. As said before Christians use this time to celebrate the birth of their savior Jesus Christ, and the polar opposite of it is ester when Christians celebrate the rise of Jesus Christ after being dead for 3 days. Christians look in the Bible for how to live the perfect life. Christianity is the most popular religions of the three and best well known.

If you've watched news recently, you would see that Muslims, followers of Islam, have been under fire by the public and U.S. Presidential Elect Donald Trump. Muslims are actually innocent people who have been targeted and used as a scapegoat for problems in the Middle East. Islam was found near seventh century C.E. in present day Saudi Arabia, which was then Mecca. They personally believe in the Qur'an. Ramadan is the best well known holidays that Muslims follow due to its strict fasting rules that doesn't let them eat for a entire time period that most people would be uncomfortable with. Muslims can connect with Judaism followers, or Jews,due to both religious groups being used a scapegoats and being subjects of discrimination. Jews had been persecuted most knowingly in the Holocaust and Muslims are facing religious persecution right now with growing news of terror attacks and presidential elect Donald Trump promising to ban Muslims in the future.


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