Your Campaign Objectives

Your digital marketing programme has four complementary objectives :

  1. Attract potential customers to your website using social media marketing, search engine optimisation and digital advertising.
  2. Build trust and demonstrate your expertise by providing potential customers with valuable and relevant content in the form of articles, guides and videos.
  3. Identify which potential customers show the most interest in your content and develop a business relationship with them.
  4. Communicate with your existing customers using email and social media and encourage them to purchase additional services, provide positive reviews and referrals.

Social Media Marketing

We will design new professional social media profiles or review existing ones on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. We will use an advanced platform to manage your social profiles, post interesting, relevant content on a daily basis and build your followers and reputation.

2 Examples of popular social media posts are:

Posts that encourage potential customers to visit your website and download content or enter a Facebook competition.

Posts sharing high performing and relevant content from the internet. These posts will include a link which will also encourage potential customers to visit your website and download content or enter a Facebook competition.

Hashtag Marketing

Where appropriate, your posts will utilise popular hashtags that will help get your message to the widest possible audience. If a specific national campaign such as #shoplocal is relevant to your business then we will include its' hashtag in your posts. We will monitor comments and direct messages on your social accounts and will respond with pre-agreed information as required.

We will monitor the social web, including millions of social media posts, blogs and news articles for mentions of your brand, competitor or industry term. Using advanced automation tools with geo-targeting capabilities we will search for relevant prospects and contact them on your behalf. For example, anyone posting about a particular subject in a specific geographic location would be invited to download a guide or video tutorial.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, provides you the most direct means of communication for keeping in touch with existing customers and converting new ones. It is by far the most cost effective method of directly improving your overall ROI and growing your business.

Including an email marketing video in your introductory email amplifies your click-through rate by up to 96%. That’s nearly doubling the number of people clicking through to your website when you incorporate a video in your introductory emails. And when you include a video in subsequent email marketing the click-through rate increases by up to 300%. That’s not all; not only do the click-through rates escalate with the use of video, but the amount of subscriber opt-outs decreases by 75%.

Segmentation by geography, company size, interest groups, job titles and industry types will assures you of the following:

  • Ease of targeting focused messages
  • Improved open rates
  • Improved click through rates
  • Lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates
  • Higher email deliverability
  • Increased sales leads.
  • Improved ROI

Content Marketing

We will provide a quality article, video or promotion every month to create effective content marketing that will attract new customers, enhance your reputation and improve your search engine marketing results.

This content will provide the basis of your marketing each month and will be promoted on your website, through your social media profiles, and via email to both existing customers and new prospects. Every month we will speak to you to plan the following month’s featured content.

Examples of featured content are:

  • Fully researched article of approximately 500 words.
  • Downloadable white paper or eBook
  • SlideShare presentation
  • Facebook competition

In many cases the content we develop can be used again and again enabling you to build a library of ‘evergreen’ content which can be used in future marketing campaigns. So, for example someone you meet at a networking event could be sent a series of videos explaining your services in detail.

Search Engine Marketing

Content marketing and social media activity are now an essential part of modern search marketing. We will build on this firm foundation by optimising ‘Google My Business’ to improve your position in Google search results for your key local and mobile search terms.

We will monitor your organic and local rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing and benchmark your progress against your main competitors.

We will also search through thousands of local directory sites, which Google uses to determine your local page ranking. We will systematically correct inaccurate listings and add your free listings to the most important business directories.

Review Management

Online reviews are a powerful way of attracting new customers and are also important for search engine marketing.

We will make it easy for your customers to leave reviews on Google, enhancing your reputation by providing 'social proof' of the quality of your service.

You will receive an alert whenever someone leaves a review about your business. This will enable you to say thank you for positive reviews and quickly respond to negative ones.

Digital Advertising

Increase leads from your website with highly targeted Google Adwords or Facebook advertising.

We will configure and optimise your campaigns for maximum performance.

You are always in control. Advertise when you need more leads and pause your campaigns whenever you want.


Our unique mobile app enables your to measure the success of your marketing wherever you are.

Track new leads, social media reach and search engine rankings in realtime. Measure the impact of email campaigns and digital advertising and perfect your marketing mix.

Summary & Cost

Digital Marketing Programme

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Advertising Management

Review Management

$500 per month plus third party advertising costs (eg Facebook) as agreed.

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