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On Friday 17th of March, Merrimac students gathered to celebrate the You Can Sit With Me Launch Day. The Student Council, with the help of the Deans, organised to set up the yellow umbrella's, camping chairs, decorations, music and a sign up campaign.

Mr Newton-john singing and playing a song on his guitar at the Y.C.S.W.M program on Fridays

Friday lunch break everyone getting together to sit, watch, talk and enjoy the music with the performances.

The You Can Sit With Me program also included anti-bullying no way day on Friday 13th, they provided chalk to draw on the concrete for peoples ideas of what they thought was bullying.

this year's soccer team getting ready for the finals

Soccer Team Boys

The 15 years’ boy soccer team have a great variety of players including: Logan, Jayden, Dash and more. They are training for the first upcoming game also all their other games. They have shown good skills and great leadership from Logan the captain.

All the boys have shown that they deserve to be a part of the team. Coaches have told us that “The team this year is good and the individual players have different skills between them.” All up the group is a great team that has a great captain and great players.

year 7&8's basketball team training up to play against other school's

Merrimac Interschool Sport:

Interschool sport so far has gotten off to another successful start in 2017 with teams already picked and training in full motion.

Mrs. Greenwell, who coaches the 7 and 8 basketball team says “This year teams is excellent. The seniors had commented on their great skill and teamwork. Competition starts in week 6, so lots of training will be commencing until then.”

This year, Merrimac seems to have had put up a tough challenge for other schools they will be competing against. 2017 will be an exciting and fun filled time for all our interschool sport teams.

experimental science: investigating shampoo brands

Experimental Science:

Even though interschool sport is popular among our school, there are other activities on Wednesday afternoons. One of them is Experimental Science, a new and exciting program available.

The students of the Experimental Science are absolutely loving it. Nick Carpenter, class 9A, says “Experimental Science is great. Today we had the Chinese exchange students getting involved. They, like us, really enjoyed it.”

The experiment the students were commencing was testing whether home brand shampoo is better than a known brand like Pantene.

georgios asimakopoulos: getting ready for the finals against other schools

Up Close and Personal With Merrimac’s Own Tennis Star:

On Wednesday, Merrimac students had a real blast playing and practicing against each other in preparation for their upcoming interschool tennis matches.

One of those students is Georgios Asimakopoulos who is a dedicated and talented Tennis player. Being apart of the Sport Summit Class and having the role of Albert Sports Captain, you could safely say that he is the face of Merrimac Tennis.

Georgios plans to advance his skills in Tennis, while helping others to improve too. “I want to help other’s become better players, while bettering myself at the same time.”

Georgios and his fellow Tennis players will be going to GCA to play against other schools, while having a good time. We decided to asked George why he chose his sport and what makes him an excellent player.

“I have tried every other sport, trust me.” Georgios says with a laugh. “Tennis was the last one and it appealed to me. But I knew Tennis was the right sport for me and it’s fun.”

The schools Georgios and his students are playing against are Varsity, PBC, Elanora and lot’s more.

“How do you think you will match up against them?”

“Obviously, Merrimac will win.” Georgios tells us with a wide grin.

The members of Tennis are playing Double, not Singles. The age groups are Open A and B, 15’s, 14’s and 13’s age groups. Georgios has faith in the Tennis players and believes that when they going to compete against those other schools, they will bring home a great win!

another type of sport: drama!

Merrimac Is Bursting With Talent In Theatre Sports:

While some people are out in the sun for sport, others are working hard indoors. One of those is Theatre Sports, a new drama orientated activity. Mrs Milie, coach of Theatre Sports, is the passionate leader for new sport.

The Gold Coast Secondary School Drama Festival is a competition that showcases the burgeoning talents of high school students from all over the region. Held at various locations over three weeks, the Festival is separated into three different sections - the Junior Section (Years 7 and 8), the Intermediate Section (Years 9 and 10), and the Senior Section (Years 11 and 12) - and adjudicated by industry professionals.

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