Reconstruction Era of Failed Idealism

What were the political factors that contributed to some of the successes, failures, and legacies of Reconstruction?

The fall of the Confederacy led to a period of "reconstruction" of the South. This included the enfranchisement of former slaves. The reconstruction was plagued with the moderate attitudes of the conservative Republicans which led to empower the South to continue to oppress the African Americans.

The First Vote by A. R. Waud

The wood cut above depicts the first vote by African Americans after the passage of the 15th Amendment. Many of the successes stemmed from the plan of the Radical Republican, which enacted a harsher treatment of the South than the North. It establish the Freedman's Bureau and required that states must have black suffrage in order to join the Union.

Is This A Republican Form Of Government by Thomas Nast

The political cartoon depicts the ultimate failure of Reconstruction, the allowance of the continued segregation, racism, and violence against African-Americans. This accumulated in the black codes enacted by states and the lack of federal enforcement of civil rights.

The Union as it was by Thomas Nast

The legacy that the end of reconstruction was the formation of hate groups such as the KKK. This system of segregation and discrimination was the lasting legacy until the civil rights movement.

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