John "The Tory" Randolph by: Eric Do

Native Americans used tools made from wood, stone, and bone, since they hadn't discovered metal tools yet. They used these tools for lots of things like fishing, hunting, cooking, sewing, and much more.

Native American women were the cooks for the people in their family. They cooked outside in a wood fire, they would preserve meat by drying it and storing it.

To fight, the English used matchlock muskets in war, the problem is that they take so long to reload, that the Native Americans could get two or maybe three arrows shot in that time. I like how it is really intimidating.

My house was destroyed and there was the Williamsburg Lodge built on top. That is so disrespectful. I used to hang out at his brother Peyton Randolph's house. We started to separate because Peyton got frustrated at the king, then he turned patriot, while I stayed loyal to the king and moved to Great Britain. Sometimes, Tomas Jefferson would go over because he was my and Peyton's cousin.

Us men would talk about politics for 1 hours and 40 minutes and eat for only 20 minutes. The women would leave the dining room because women were not supposed to talk about politics with men. They would go drink tea and eating tea cakes in the entertainment room.

I would have probably had a slave go to the blacksmith to fix my metal things. I had lots of muskets and tools that have been warned down and needed to be fixed.

I would work in the House of Burgesses. It is a very nice place. We discuss laws and problems that are happening in the community. My brother Peyton also works there.

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