The Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X By Cassie Paget 2019

" I don't even call it violence if it's self defense; I call it intelligence." - Malcolm X

Malcolm X wanted equal rights for black people and white people. Malcolm X thought it was a good idea to use violence to get equal rights, that this would prove that black people could be just as hurtful so that hopefully the white people would stop hurting the black people.

WHY Malcolm X wanted this:

Malcolm X may have wanted equality because of times when he was little like when he was about 4 Malcolm X and his family were harassed by white people. Another horrible memory that Malcolm may have had was when his father was shot in front of his own house. Later after that Malcolm's mother was having a nervous breakdown so she got stent to a mental hospital while Malcolm's family was torn apart by well fair agencies. Yet another provoking experience for Malcolm may have been when his teacher told him to give up on his dream of being a lawyer be cause he was black.

How Malcolm tried to get this:

When Malcolm got out of prison for a robbery he had committed, he joined the nation of Islam. This is when Malcolm adopted the last name X in replacement for his slave name, Little. ( the last name of the person who had possession over him.) Later after his teacher put him down, Malcolm found he was a good public speaker. Malcolm X then spoke to other black people to bring back their pride.

from prisoner to speaker

Positive Effects To his Choices:

On June 29 1963 Malcolm X helped to lead the unity rally in Harlem. This was one of the biggest civil rights acts in history.This was a good affect because there were a lot of people at the unity rally. This meant many people wanted equal rights other wise they wouldn't join.

Negative Effects:

Because Malcolm quit the N.O.I ( Nation Of Islam), Elijah Muhammad told Malcolm X he had to give up his car and his house because they belonged to the N.O.I. Malcolm was killed because of the speeches he gave and for quitting the N.O.I.

My opinion on Malcolm X:

My opinion of Malcolm X is that he Made a start into Desegregation. Do I think he was super successful? Not exactly. He did choose the wrong things to do that got him put into prison. Afterwords, he was successful in leading the Harlem rally so he wasn't bad. But he did think it was OK to hurt white people back. So he wasn't the greatest ether. But that is just my opinion. What is yours?


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