Digital Marketing Proposal Access signs January 2017

Your Campaign Objectives

Your Digital Marketing Campaign has five complementary objectives:

  1. Attract potential customers to your website using email marketing, google AdWords and social media marketing
  2. Increase the overall brand recognition of Access Signs in the industry market
  3. Identify potential customers that are showing the most interest in your content and develop, build a relationship with these potential customers
  4. Increase Google AdWord and website conversions In order to generate optimized hot leads
  5. Increase the overall sales of Access Signs by 20% using a combination of methods mentioned below

Social Media Marketing

We will completely revamp and re-design all of Access Signs social media accounts and create the accounts that are not yet created. We will be using an advanced platform in order to manage all of the social media accounts ensuring that posts are made at the right time and engaging with the proper targeted audience. We will ensure that the content posted will create a sense of brand recognition and build trust around the Access Signs brand.

The managed social media platforms will include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin

Email Marketing

Email marketing will provide Access Signs with direct means to communicate with existing customers and aid in converting new ones. It is by far the most cost effective way of directly reaching your target audience and has the highest ROI.

The email marketing campaign will aim at reaching potential customers while they are in the exploration stage of the sales funnel. By doing this we will create a relationship between the potential customer and Access Signs, driving leads to the sales department. The email marketing campaign will not only increase web traffic, but it will do this with targeted viewers who show a general interest in the products Access Signs provides. We will also be using the email marketing campaign in order to build a database of emails that could be potentially used to generate targeted leads.

Segmenting the campaigns by geography, company size, interest level and job title will assure you the following results:

  • The ease of optimizing all your campaigns to target the right groups
  • Improved click through rates to Access's website
  • Lower opt-out and bounce rates
  • Improve the number of hot leads driven to the sales department
  • Improve ROI

Linkedin Marketing

With LinkedIn being the primary business to business platform, we will leverage this by creating sponsored ads that will show up on specific profiles based on job title, company and geographic location.

Linkedin marketing will ensure the following for Access Signs:

  • Raise brand awareness with native ads
  • Build relationships with potential customers
  • Drive qualified leads to the sales department
  • Send personalized messages to potential prospects
  • Drive traffic to Access's web platform

Access Signs Website

Using a combination of Google's tool will provide Access Signs with the following results:

  • Proper website traffic analysis
  • Optimize the google search results
  • An increased level of web traffic
  • Increase the number of new visitors that are in the exploration stage of their sales pipeline
  • Decrease the overall bounce rate (people that leave the site without performing an action)
  • Increase the time that each viewer spends on Access website

Website Improvements we will provide:

  • Increase the activity on Access's website backend
  • Improve the placement and targeting of the Call-to-Actions's
  • Refine the sales pipeline once a potential customer reaches the website
  • Improve the load time and overall speed on the website

Google AdWords

Using a more targeted and optimized approach to google ads, we will allow Access Signs to be more visible in relation to the keywords being searched on google. Google ads will primarily increase traffic to the Access Signs's website where potential clients will enter the sales funnel

Our Google Ads will provide the following results for Access Signs:

  • Increase traffic to the Access website
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Increase leads generated by using call to actions
  • Improve website conversion rate

Measurement & Analytics

Using a combination of tools, we will keep track of the key performance indicators, providing the Access partner's with monthly reports allowing them to keep track of the improvements and consistent activity

The monthly reports will include:

  • Performance of the Access Signs Website
  • Performance of the LinkedIn ads running
  • Performance and breakdown of all the Google Ads running
  • Track new leads generated by our platforms
  • Measure the impact of email campaigns

Summary & Cost

Digital Marketing Programme

  • Social Media Marketing - 200$/month
  • Email Marketing - $20/Hour
  • Linkedin Marketing - 100$/month
  • Website Improvements - $20/Hour
  • Google Ads - 200$/month
  • Monthly Analysis

$20/hour (once results have been proven) + 500$ advertising costs per month

Zachary Colavecchio | | 514.924.8031

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