Good life performance Kelsie June Taylor

The Spacial Experience

When I entered the theatre, it was very exciting. I got a seat in the very front row, in the left corner. It made it seem like I was looking up at them, rather than straight at them. It made the show seem a little different. It was more like I was observing it actually happen.

The Social experience

I went to the show with my friend. It was nice to have someone to share the experience with. We were able to discuss the show. We compared thoughts on what we had just seen and what we had thought of it. It allowed me to gain insight that I did not have on my own.

The cultural and intellectual experience

This performance helped me understand how terrible things used to be and how much they've changed. It showed me how important it is to speak out about all the injustices happening. People do horrible things, and it takes noble people to stop them from happening. Anyone can be noble, it just takes courage and concern about an issue.

The emotional Experience

This performance made me very sad. I grew attached to the characters throughout the show. When I found out the terrible things that happened to Talbot, it really bothered me. I was involved with their lives. I cried when Leo died. It inspired me to speak out about injustices.

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