Meet the author A series of fortunate realizations

Life is a twisted journey and can even sometimes be summarized as a series of unfortunate events, but luckily we can reciprocate with what I like to call "a series of fortunate realizations." With each day comes new challenges, and with each challenge comes the opportunity for a lesson.

I once feared I had the worst luck in the world. As I began to see things in a new light I noticed that despite having experienced terrible luck and many trials and tribulations, I also had the blessing of receiving many lessons, or fortunate realizations. I now accept the clumsiness, the awkwardness, the terrible streak of "bad luck" and the fact that I am probably on a low-budget reality show being laughed at.

If you enjoy motivational and inspiring mantras, positive (or at least neutral) parenting tips, and occasionally some forced humor, then this is your tribe. Welcome!

Vibe with your tribe.

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