Mosaic Madras Health Center Support Mosaic and its mission for health and wellness expansion in Jefferson County

In a recent analysis, Jefferson County ranked 34th out of the 35 counties surveyed in Oregon in both health outcomes and factors. While residents are strong and resilient:

Data Sources: County Health Rankings, COHC RH

Mosaic Medical is partnering with Jefferson County Public Health to build a new health center in Madras with the goal of improving local health outcomes.

A Shared Health and Wellness Campus

Jefferson County Public Health Department and Mosaic Medical will share a new building next to the St. Charles Medical Center in Madras.

Site plan of new building next to St. Charles (click to view larger).

The health center will consolidate affordable medical, dental, pharmacy and community services in a central, convenient location for Jefferson County residents.

Floor plan with services highlighted (click to view larger).

Health partners will be able to share resources and work collectively on community needs.

A New Era of Care

The new health center will build on Mosaic's 15-year history of providing high quality care to underserved populations in Jefferson County.

It will enable Mosaic to increase our reach by:

It was also designed to be accessible to all residents, including community members who do not have a personal vehicle.

The campus will be easily accessible via a new public transportation stop on NE A Street.

Join the Project and Make a Difference in Central Oregon

Mosaic Medical has been awarded a highly competitive grant of nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These initial funds were enough to start construction—which is underway—but there is still a long way to go!

The Power of Partnership

Although we have already raised a large portion of the cost, community support is necessary to complete this transformational project. By donating, you will join an expansive network of partners who have come together to make the Madras Health Center vision a reality.

About Mosaic: Working for a Healthy Future for ALL

Many of us take our health for granted or have confidence that we can access the healthcare we need if necessary. But for far too many in our community, this basic resource is not guaranteed.

Mosaic began in 2001 after a Prineville family without health insurance lost their infant to a preventable disease. They were unable to get their child the care they needed early on and by the time they made it to the hospital, it was too late. We never want this to happen again, so Mosaic intends to always:

  • Meet our patients where they are, and partner with them on their path to optimal heath
  • Prioritize cultural humility and equity in our care
  • Provide our patients with innovative ways to connect with us and meet their needs
  • Think outside the walls of traditional healthcare systems to support the overall well-being of our patients
“At present Mosaic Medical is one of the most effective and efficient social service and health service organizations in Central Oregon and their ability to go to where people are in need of service is one of their outstanding advantages.” - Respondent to recent community partner survey

Help Us Care for Our Community

In order to transform the healthcare landscape in Central Oregon – we need your help.

Just as we did nearly 20 years ago when Mosaic was founded, our communities must rally together to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals can continue to access care, regardless of their current life circumstances.

Join us in building the new Madras Health Center and providing a welcoming health home to Jefferson County and those who need it most.

There are many opportunities to get involved. For more information, please contact Emily Boynton, Senior Development Officer at emily.boynton@mosaicmedical.org.