Choux Paste Research Annarose Ganancial

Profiteroles are made with Choux Paste, a light pastry dough that puffs when cooked. The main ingredients used are butter, boiling water, flour, and eggs. The mixture is made over a hot surface and stirred with a wooden spoon. The Choux Paste is piped into small dough balls and cooked in the oven. After the pastry cools down, the profiteroles are filled with cream and dipped in chocolate.

The image I selected was chosen because of the simplicity. It's simple presentation made me focus on the ingredients used to make this dish and not focusing on the extra decorations.

This would be a practical dessert to sell in the cafeteria because multiple profiteroles can be made, and can be portioned easily for sale. To present this, I would make a chocolate decoration in addition to the profiterole to make it simple, and dust over some powdered sugar on top

A Croquembouche is a tower of profiteroles (puff pastries) covered by a web of crunchy caramel. The tower is assembled by dipping the bottom of the profiteroles and creating a pyramid with the help of a paper cone. The caramel sugar web is created by dipping a cut whisk in a caramel mixture and spun over the Croquembouche tower in thin strands of sugar.

I chose this image specifically because of the addition of the flowers. The flowers add an element of elegance to the Croquembouche.

This wouldn't be a practical dish to serve in the cafeteria. This is because it requires a lot more time to assemble the tower and would require a larger portion to create the Croquembouche. It would also require the use of using hot sugar to create the web design, which may be wasted due to the hardening of the sugar/ the sugar being burned, therefore not being able to use the sugar anymore. In short, this dish is too complicated to sell at school and is not practical.

A Paris Brest is formed with a large Choux paste ring covered in thin slices of almonds. The ring is then cut in half horizontally and filled with piped filling, traditionally a praline filling. It is then dusted over with powdered sugar.

I chose this image because the Paris Brest is shown clearly and shows all the elements present in the pastry.

This dessert would not be suitable to sell at school. This is because the Paris Brest is made with almonds and other nuts. Since this is a school, there are people who are allergic to nuts and this wouldn't be allowed to be made, therefore not a practical dessert choice.

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