The Harn Museum of Art Ben Ingham


I appreciated this piece of artwork which was created as a sculpture. I was struck by the concept of statues- we are always moving, always busy, and we never take the time to just sit and meditate.

Korean, "Seated Bodhisattva", Sculpture

I was also affected by the concept of age. The sculpture is rusted, but it still maintains its beauty. Consistency is an important value and characteristic in life- we should strive to be more consistent. I felt inspired by this piece and I might actually end up writing a song about it.

Design of Museum

This part of the museum was a tiny little space with a statue in the middle. The walls went all the way to the top of the building and had no roof. There was some plants and bamboo and rocks on the ground. I wanted to go in and just relax- it almost seemed like a meditation room, but it was basically outside.

What made it really cool to me was that it was in the middle of the ground plan- a hole, but used as a room. It was quite peaceful.

Art and Core Values

I really appreciate abstract art- the kind that is basically paint splatters and little shapes. I like trying to see things that the artist never intended his/her audience to experience. This piece caught my eye because of it's bright color.

Yayoi Kusami, "Nets-Infinity (TWOS)", Acrylic on Canvas

Upon further inspection, I began to appreciate the piece more. It makes me think of the human race and how we are all individually shaped and all living in close proximity to each other. It brings to mind the idea of unity and I've always championed the core value that uniqueness is amazing, but division is negative. Things that make us different- diversity, ethnicity, personality- are all good things, but things that separate us aren't. The only thing I would wish for this piece of art is something to connect each individual shape.

Art and the Good Life

The Good Life theme represented here is change over time. One aspect of the human condition that I find fault in is the inner desire to prevent change.

Linda Kohen, "Cama Alta", Oil on canvas

This piece was painted very soon after Kohen's husband passed away. I think there's a great commentary about who slept in the bed and who will sleep in that same bed in the future. Things change over time, different people sleep in the same bed, and we need to accept that. I've always struggled with change and breaking out of routines, but this piece reminds me of what happened in my past and what could happen in the future.


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