Good Intentions By Academicos de Milton Friedman

Dare To Taste Liber Tea

2017 | Rap

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Cause the truth is that any given law, when it's signed — Is actually about the prohibitions implied.


  • I wish I could find out more about these guys but they’re obviously pretty underground & from Brazil. This is one of the rare English numbers they have. I might get farther if I spoke Portuguese but I guess today just enjoy the time.


Luke Tatum

This is the grooviest education you are ever going to get. The bar has been set! "The minimum wage" is the very first lyric in the song! It's really like a five minute college lecture from the coolest person you can imagine while closing your eyes. Or, something like that. Turn on your captions when you watch the video to get the full experience...unless you speak more languages than me. Which is, admittedly, very likely. Truly, there is so much mastery of economics on display in the lyrics, it's a miracle to find this set to such a good tune. Let's tackle one specific line, just to illustrate the point: "The truth is that any given law, when it's signed, is actually about the prohibition implied." Laws don't (and can't!) help people without harming others. What the law actually does is prohibit behavior that people would engage in voluntarily. Minimum wage laws aren't stopping evil Monopoly-mascot capitalists from toting around sacks of gold. They are keeping people who need experience from getting it. Period.

Sherry Voluntary

I love the Latin flavor of this song. There is so much to dig into and I love that people have a good message in such a good package. The lyrics I’d like to focus on are “If we wish to be compassionate with our fellow man, We must learn to engage in dispassionate analysis, In other words, thinking with our hearts, rather than our brains, Is a surefire method to hurt those whom we wish to help” This is where so many people go astray with their good intentions. They want to do things, or rather, have the government do things because they seem right, or feel right. Most often this is the most shallow way to approach problems, and as we know, the most destructive. Libertarians recognize the importance of an economic understanding. Rothbard said “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” We have so many people who have very loud and vociferous opinions on economics, but zero understanding of how people actually behave, and what actually helps. We have to help them see the absolute necessity of acting with understanding over feelings.

Nicky P

The song lays out very simple descriptions of some of the biggest ways in which the state makes life harder for people and in particular the people policy is largely designed to help. Aside from being a fantastic lesson in some basic real world economics that directly affect important policy. I imagine the decisions to go hip-hop with the main vocal was to attempt to appeal to urban areas most negatively affected by these policies where conversely heals are most dug in against sound economic policy. The final note they try to drive home is that good intentions do not bypass a functioning economy. The best way to truly solve problems is by taking the difficult emotional contexts away from the study as much as possible and addressing issues using dispassionately and with clear eyes. Work to solve the problrm not support bias. This particular lesson feels more prescient than usual with people like Ocasio Cortez in office openly beckoning Americans to worry about doing good and letting the economy figure itself out. I’m sure that feels good until your nation is where Venezuela is now.

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Nicky P

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