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"A Portrait of Cothill" was a documentary project by specialist children's photographer Stephen Page, fatkoala images.

With unprecedented access behind the scenes, day and night, Stephen was able to record life in one of the country's finest prep schools.

The images showed a quite extraordinary place, where boys are relaxed, happy, engaged ... and don't mind a bit of mud and mess!

The spirit of Cothill is very special. The boys have confidence and character.

It was fascinating to watch Cothill's teaching in progress, as an outside observer. The pupils were absolutely gripped and inspired.

As a full boarding school, night-time is both a time for work and a chance to unwind. Wood from the workshop is collected during the year for a spectacular Bonfire Night.

The project's gallery website is now closed, but you can visit the photographer at fatkoala.biz.

The results were presented as handmade framed images, a printed book, and a number of online galleries.

Parents and staff can still order prints directly from the photographer.

The fatkoala images website also contains a short video compilation of some favourite images, and another of Summer cricket at Cothill.