Northern Colorado Springtime Photo Sampler NOCO kuva Photo Journal

Spring is a time of birth and renewal. Hiking the foothills and mountains around Loveland and Fort Collins areas of Colorado provides a front row seat to this spectacle. Images in this collection were taken over the past several years from March to June so you can see examples of the show that nature provides us here in NOCO. Most importantly, I hope this sampler reminds us to look close to see the beauty in the little ecosystems as well as to appreciate to expansive mountain landscapes that Colorado is famous for.


Fort Collins blooms in Lee Martinez Park

Cherry blossom
Flowering shrub
Flowering tree blooms


Birding in Lee Martinez Park - Fort Collins

Northern Flicker in dead Cottonwood tree nest
Wood Duck pair
Male Wood Duck
Hairy Woodpecker confrontation


Springtime snowstorm attracts birds to a pond in Loveland, Colorado

Female Mountain Bluebird
Male Mountain Bluebird


Birds and Flowers -- Loveland Colorado Parks

Yellow-rump Warbler shows how it got its name..
Yellow Warbler
Osprey hovers
Osprey landing gear down
Catch of the day!
Spotted Sandpiper
Purple Ground Cherry
Lewis (Prarie Blue) Flax
Scarlet Globemallow (Copper Mallow)
Wild Rose
Wild Rose
Field Bindweed - invasive but pretty..
Bullock's Oriole female
Bullock's Oriole nesting with natural and recycled materials
Could host a bird version of HG TV
Bullock's Oriole male
Bullock's Oriole


Busy bees and Lady bug - Loveland Colorado

Honey bee
Honey bee at work
Bumble bee inflight
Lady Bug on thistles
This Lady Bug is a killer! Note the aphid in its jaws.


Closing with Big Springtime Vista's

Looking west - a simultaneous (full moon) moonset and sunrise, illuminate Longs and Meeker Peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. Viewed from Loveland, Colorado.
Sunset on Rocky Mountain National Park viewed from Loveland, Colorado



NOCO kuva Photography Brian Autio

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