Welcome Rosie Kereston! New UF Genetics Communications Coordinator

Greetings to all UFGI faculty, staff, and students!

My name is Rosie Kereston, and I am joining the UF Genetics Institute as your Marketing and Communications Coordinator!

I graduated from UF in 2018 with a degree in biological anthropology and museum studies and I am a lifelong Gainesville resident. I have a passion for intersectional museology and scientific public outreach, so I look forward to sharing the successes of the UFGI with the genetics community at large.

Visiting the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán, México

I volunteered at the Florida Museum of Natural History for many years, docenting in various exhibits and in the McGuire Collections where I processed Lepidoptera specimens for accessioning and identification. Connecting the public with science and inspiring them to care about the world in which they live have been lifelong passions of mine, which I hope to continue developing while working at the UFGI.

I also interned at both the Butterfly Rainforest and the Florida Archeology Collections, and more recently devoted a few years to being the customer service manager of a music store, helping bring music into others’ lives.

UF Graduation '18

I hope to continue broadening my horizons through scientific communications work during my time with the Genetics Institute. Making science more accessible to the public through online communications is more important than ever, and I am excited to publicize and share the accomplishments of the scientific community here at UF.

If you would like to have your work featured in our newsletter or know of any interesting events happening within the UFGI, please reach out to me at:



Header photo courtesy of Maddie Haggbloom.