Clouds By Audrey Saxton

Cirrus Clouds

These clouds are formed at very high altitudes, above six kilometers. They are thin and wispy looking. They form in cold weather.

Stratus Clouds

These clouds are thick, and form in blankets in the sky. They are usually found around altitudes 1-2 kilometers. They can show up in any weather.

Nimbostratus Clouds

Nimbostratus clouds form at the same altitudes as stratus clouds, and they look the same. The only difference between the nimbostratus and the stratus, is that the nimbostratus produces weather. They produce rain in warm weather, and snow in cold weather.


Cirrocumulus Clouds

They look like cirrus, but they have more of a form and are in rows. They form in altitudes around five or ten kilometers. The form in cold weather.

Cumulus Clouds

They look like fluffy cotton balls.They form at low altitudes, at about two kilometers. They are commonly found on fair weather days.

Altostratus Clouds

They form in high altitudes, of five or six kilometers. They are thin like cirrus clouds, but blamket the sky like stratus clouds. They appear on nice days.

Altocumulus Clouds

They the thin bunches of clouds.They appear on climates of warm humid days. They can be found in high altitudes.

Cumulonimbus clouds

They are thick towering clouds. They are found at very high altitudes. They are found in nice weather.


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