Rue Azuria Dylan McLaughlin

Quote or Greeting:This should be relevant to your character. It can either be a quote from the story (“words of the wiser” quotes work well for this!) or it could be a famous quote that relates to your character.

"Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean."

Song Now Playing:Choose a song that your character would listen to. Consider the tone of the music as well as the lyrics.

A Beautiful Morning - The Rascals

About Me

This should be in paragraph form. Include background details about your character.

My name is Rue. I am from District 11, and lived with my 5 younger siblings. Coming from District 11, I know a lot about plants such as what is safe to eat and what could harm you.

I learned what i know about plants from being a harvester back at home. I work from sunrise to sunset out in the orchards and this has also developed my ability to swing branch to branch within the forests.

My Latest Blog Entry

Choose a defining moment or other important moment from your book and write a blog entry about it from your character’s perspective. This should not just be a summary of what happened! It needs to be a detailed description that captures your character’s voice and reflects their thoughts and emotions. This should be 1-3 paragraphs long.

The second I saw it, I knew I had to tell Katniss. Trying to get there as soon as possible, I swung branch to branch to Katniss’ position. A tracker jacker nest, right above her head. I don't know if I can 100% trust Katniss, but she is the best I’ve got and I can't lose her now. I just hope she doesn't betray me. No, this is madness, Katniss will take no chances at losing and the second she sees me she'll kill me. This is a bad idea, a really bad idea. Worrying that Katniss could just take my life the moment she sees me, I think back to my home, my brothers and sisters and what they would be like without me. I cannot bare the thought of losing them. After my thoughts, I know what i must do, I have to draw Katniss' attention towards the Careers which may lead her to attack them instead of me. I open my eyes, staring directly at Katniss until her gaze meets my own. Immediately pointing to the nest and warning her of it, before quickly dashing away before she could have attacked or harmed me. Running away this fast, I feel as if I had just stolen food from the harvest, fleeing the horrific whipping I have so dreadfully witnessed.

My Interests and Favorites

List skills, interests, and your character’s favorite things.





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