Final LEP By Brittany Rum

New Jersey vs. TLO (1985) (469. US. 325)

Terry, a fourteen year old girl was caught smoking cigarettes in a school bathroom.

A teacher was asked to search her purse and they found marijuana inside. The police were called and Terry was arrested.

She was placed on probation. She attempted to appeal her conviction because it was unlawful for the teacher to search her purse.

The court sided with the school.

This is important because it defines the rights of if a student's valuables can be looked through, considering unlawful search and seizure is law by the state, it is interesting to note the differences in the school.

This involves the teacher in the since it shows the teacher what they can or cannot do. Teachers are able to search belongings of students if there is probable cause that the student is or has something that distracts learning.

The is inclusive to diversity because students cannot posses anything that may distract from learning. This is trying to give everyone a fair and equal education without distractions.

Technology could have been used by teaching students the harmful effects of drugs.

Students benefit in the sense that they do not have to worry about other students distracting their learning. Students also benifit because they are able to know their rights within a district.

Missouri Tenure Act (Section 168.104.1)

This act basically states that Missouri teachers have the right to tenure. A teacher in Missouri is considered tenure after five years in the same school district. This is important because if a teacher meets requirements they must be granted tenure. Tenure is important because it gives job security to teachers.

As, a teacher it is important for me to do the best I possibly can and to continue to do as best as I can after tenure. Tenure is a reward for a good teacher.

Tenure has a huge effect on students because a bad teacher stuck on tenure will harm both the student and the school. Tenure with a good teacher can provide security for both the students and the teacher.

In operating technology can help a teacher become a better teacher. Teachers have to incooperate all kinds of learning tools in order to be the best teacher.

Students benefit from good tenure teachers because they provide a sense of security. Students will know that teacher will be around for them. There is no longer a risk of losing good teachers.

Pickering Versus the Board of Education (391 US 563)

1968, a teacher by the name of Pickering wrote to a local newspaper about how his district seemed to favor athletics over sports. The teacher was fired over his remarks.

He attempted to appeal it saying it was his first amendenment right to do so. The United States Supreme Court agreed and said his rights are violated because he made no false claims.

As a teacher, I still have freedom of speech, but it cannot falsely make statements against my job. I have to be careful of what I say unless I want it to be documented.

This effects diversity and inclusiveness because whatever I say outside the classroom will effect inside of the classroom. For example, in this case, saying that the school district favors athletics could effect the relationship between the students that do play athletics and the teacher.

This case and the court case in 2006 (Garcetti v. Celballos) make it so that ideas expressed on the internet are protected as long as they do not harm the employer in anyway. Meaning, there must be a disclaimer about the opinions expressed in the internet.

Students benefit because they will not have to worry about the red tape of Education and the opinions of teachers. The students do not need to know about what teachers feel about this, that IPA does the other because it hinders learning.


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