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"Who are you people?" - Patrick Starfish (to his parents)


GEORGE GLASS aren't like any band you've heard before... They're like all the best bits rolled into one funk monster.

George Glass perform in a variety of styles and formats, known for their onstage theatrics. Forming in 2012, they have performed in over 21 Arts festivals across Australia and The U.K.

Delivering performances that turn strangers to best friends. George Glass also turn their music into musicals.

Their show Scientology The Musical was selected to be a part of the Made In Adelaide Program for two consecutive years, performing to sold out houses at the Edinburgh Fringe.

★★★★★ “Clad in navy gear, a rocking foursome (one in a very fetching pair of mules) presented one of the best musicals I’ve seen at Fringe." - Glam Adelaide

Their concept album turned stage show, George Glass Proves The Existence of God received a Fringe Award for best comedy. Other than being a mouthful, It's a story, an album, a mystery, a funkadelic soundtrack, it's everything and you can listen to it here. Or here or here. Click here even.

★★★★1/2 "Adelaide’s own George Glass brings musicality, absurdity, and plenty of blood in this exceptional one night only performance" - Tulpa Mag 2020

Channeling the likes of Ween, Tenacious D and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the George Glass experience is to take a rock show and then...

"Rissoles! Everyone cooks rissoles, Darl." "Yeah, but it's what you do to them." - Sal and Darryl Kerrigan

Their show, Art Attack, saw audiences invited on stage to paint to music they played

At The Gov: Audience members painting while George Glass provides some funky beats

"George Glass were weird, fun, and just a little bit more weird. It was a really unique, fun night out" - Collage Adelaide

You can read the full review by clicking here!

Whether they're dressing up as The Wiggles, handing out slices of delicious chocolate cake to the hungry crowd or getting an audience member to sub in on guitar, George Glass are sure to light up your stage and bring something new to the music scene.

A George Glass performance promises a unique experience, catapulting audiences beyond their expectations of a live show, landing somewhere between rock and a good place.


  • Two Guitars for face-melting solos,
  • Bass for some serious slapping,
  • Keyboard for the keyboard warriors (the good, music kind. Not the internet kind),
  • Drums to keep everyone dancing in time,
  • Sax microphone for the sexy sax,
  • AV Input for launch pad for the EDM beats and massive drops,
  • 5 Mics for the sweet melodies and the banter,
  • Electronic Drum-kit (for a drum suit... which is basically armor made out of drum pads (see image below).
"The Drum Suit" - Pretty cool, huh?


Want to know more? Want to put a bit of George Glass in your festival/room/wedding/funeral? Wanna just chat about life? Contact Nic Conway on 0404909883 or email georgeglassproductions@gmail.com

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Nic Conway


Nic Conway Photos: Daisy Freeburn, Lisa Harper Campbell, Nic Conway