Bryant's amazing journey By: Bryant Phinizy

Bryant's amazing journey, starts in a lake. He lost his parents when he was five so he is going on a journey to find them.

Something weird was happening Bryant felt the ground sliding then he started to stop. Bryant looks around and yells "There's brown everywhere!" Then he realizes he is in groundwater. He starts to get up, and shake off all the debris that is on him because he had a hard fall. Once he's finished getting all the debris off he says, "All done." So then he goes to sleep, then he wakes up and he looks at his clock and it said 1/13/21 and Bryant says surprised, "I've been asleep for five years."

All of a sudden the groundwater starts to flow and pushes Bryant out of the groundwater and into the river. Bryant says "I remember coming here with my parents when I was little, good times." Then he started to cry looking at the picture of his parents and said while crying "I'm going to find you guys." Then all of a sudden he started to get lifted into the air.

Then Bryant says, "I'm being evaporated," once he reached the clouds he said while touching a cloud, "Man this is as soft as cotton candy." Then he saw a lot of other droplets but none of them were his parents. So then Bryant stomped on the clouds then everyone yells "Nooo!" So the cloud started to condense and then they all started to fall, Bryant heard noises like plip, and plop. Then he looked below and saw the river.

Then he landed on a mountain and started to runoff the mountain then he landed into the river. He also then saw more than just one droplet then he saw these adults crying so Bryant walks over to them and says "What happened?" The parents respond "We lost our son Bryant." Bryant claims "My name is Bryant and I'm looking for my parents Jack, and Kari."The other droplets say "Our names are Jack and Kari." They started hugging, greeting, and crying then out of know where they start moving.

They reached the ocean and Bryant says happily "Good thing we're still together," Jack laughs "Yeah." Then everybody started to go up and evaporate. Next once they reach the clouds they saw no droplets at all. Then Jack and Kari fell like cats and dogs and Bryant was still in the clouds, then Bryant yells "Noooo!"

Then Bryant starts crying then Bryant falls but then hits a glacier and Bryant says surprised "I must of condensed, and precipitated when I was up in the clouds."Next Bryant stands up and slips down the glacier into the groundwater.

Last, a year later the groundwater starts moving and pushes Bryant back to the lake and Bryant's parents were there.

Created By
Bryant Phinizy

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