St Mary's College Newsletter Term 3, 2020, Issue 1

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Term 3. It is so wonderful to start a term in the usual way and to begin seeing life at St Mary’s College begin returning to pre-COVID activities. We have certainly had a busy few weeks and the students have embraced all the opportunities across the campus.

In week 1 our Year 5 students engaged in a workshop with their parents to prepare for the Sacrament of the Eucharist and then had their commitment mass in Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral. Please hold our students preparing for First Eucharist in your prayers as they continue their journey before receiving the sacrament. Our Year 6 students also celebrated mass together today and reflected on how being kind follows the example of love Jesus taught us. It was a beautiful celebration and the student’s participation was exemplary.

We have also had several assemblies in the last few weeks celebrating our students and their commitment to their academic learning. Students from both primary and secondary were presented with Certificates of Excellence on Wednesdays Whole College Assembly. It is indeed wonderful to see our students striving to do their best in their studies and I congratulate them all on their endeavours.

This week our College Choir and Music Specialist Ms Tania Mckenna were nominated in the category of song of the Year for the West Australian Music Awards for the original song written by the choir and Ms Tania, Voice, Treaty, Truth. The song was written for NAIDOC week last year and sung at the Catholic Youth Festival in Perth in December. It is a wonderful celebration of the St Mary’s commitment to the reconciliation process and teaching our students and our community about working together and understanding culture. While we did not win it was a fantastic acknowledgement and we congratulate the choir and Ms Tania.

As always, we rely heavily on the assistance of parents and friends to build our community, sense of belonging and to help us to fundraise for much needed resources around the College. With the interruptions of COVID 19 it was been a difficult time for our P+F to get up and running but I am very pleased to announce we have a new committee and we are very much up and running.

For 2020 our P+F Executive is:

President: Katrina Comito

Vice President: Val Birch

Secretary: Kristy Beckingham

Treasurer: Nina Durack

P&F Board Representatives: Katrina Comito & Eugenia George

We are still looking for Year group representatives in some year levels particularly in the secondary years so if you would like to be involved please speak to a member of the College Leadership Team or any member of our new P&F Executive. I thank all our parents for their ongoing support and encourage you all to get involved in the life of our community.

Mrs Carol Bell - Principal

SRC - Primary

The SRC have put together this weeks video for you all to enjoy!

Gabby Somma - Primary Teacher

Junior Years 1- 3 at Primary

Just like that we are well into the term already and it feels like we were never away!

The junior years have certainly been a hive of activity. A highlight has been seeing the engagement of students in every class across Year 1-3. It is so fabulous to have so many events happening this term. Walking across the road to be a part of the whole college assembly created a buzz and the sensational dance routines were a highlight. Excited chatter of the school disco could be heard across the years as the students looked forward to getting their dancing shoes on ready to break out their best moves.

Jen Rudyard - Assistant Principal Primary
Yr 4H Assembly

This week our fabulous Year 4H class presented their learning around the subject of Sustainability and recited a poem on this topic. Students also shared ways they can help look after our beautiful planet. Thanks 4H for such an interesting assembly. This Monday we will have the Year 2S class presenting – we can’t wait!

Jen Rudyard - Assistant Principal of Primary
Australian National Anthem - Auslan- Style!

This week our amazing Year 4H students led the school in the National Anthem with the whole class signing in Auslan. The students were cleverly led and supported by Miss Belinda and Miss Hannah. It was a very proud moment for our students and staff. Please congratulate these students if you see them!

Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal of Primary
Preparation for First Eucharist

Please pray for our Year 5 students that are busily preparing for their First Eucharist celebration. The students along with their families have participated in a workshop and attended a commitment mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral. Thanks so much to the students teachers: Miss Jorje and Mr James along with Father Alexis and Father Patricio from the Parish in supporting them on their faith journey.

Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal Primary
Year 6 Mass

Yr 6 celebrated mass this morning at the Secondary Campus in the Nulungu Chapel, reflecting on the way that we can show love for other by treating them kindly. The students participated reverently and respectfully.

Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal of Primary
Primary PBS Expectations for Footy

Footy Season is in full swing here at SMC and the Primary staff have been working hard with the students to ensure that all footy games are successful and safe by following these expectations.

Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal of Primary

SRC - Secondary

Kimberley Community Grants

This year the student representative council identified ways of how they could improve our school community. They identified rubbish was an ongoing issue and discussed ways in which they could help solve the issue. One idea shared was to getting more bins and painting them to make them obvious and bright with messages about cleaning up the community.

The “Bin Project” will be rolling out over the semester starting with asking the student body for bin designs. Watch this space for our new and updated bins.

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is starting up on Secondary this week. We will be offering students simple breakfast from 7.30am. We are looking for parent and student volunteers. If you would like to help please let Ms Sarah know by contacting the College. Volunteers would start prep at 7.15am.

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care
ATAR Year 12 Semester Exams

Year 12s will begin their exams on Thursday of Week 9, September 17. Today students were given their timetables. The order of the exams mirror the exam schedule for the actual WACE exams at the end of the year. We feel the Year 12s are well prepared and wish them well in their last ever school assessments.

Lea Wilson - Deputy Principal - Curriculum
Student "Sara Brooke" served Premier Mark McGowan

Sara Brooke our Yr 11 student at St Mary's College served Premier Mark McGowan some delicious canapes at North Regional TAFE today, showcasing skills learnt during her Cert 3 Commercial Cookery course!

Diana Jans - Head of Learning Area - Learning Support
Leaver's Jackets

Our Yr 12 students showcasing their new Leaver's jackets.

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care
Term 3 Co-Curricular

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

Secondary Parent Information

Year 7 – 9 Maths Pathway Parent Information Evening

On Tuesday August 4 St Mary’s College will be holding a parent information evening starting at 5pm in the Library. This evening is designed to help parents understand how Maths Pathway works and show parents how they can monitor their child’s progress. Please advise the College by contacting reception on 9194 9504 if you are attending, to ensure we can provide devices on the evening.

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)

  • Year 9 - Weeks 4 and 5 – August 10, 12 and 18

• Years 10, 11 and 12 – Weeks 7 – 9 - August 31 – September 2

I would like to remind parents that to attain a WACE graduation all students are required to achieve a minimum level of literacy and numeracy as prescribed by the School’s Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). This can usually be done by attaining level 8 in Year 9 NAPLAN. However, this year due to NAPLAN being cancelled Year 9s have the opportunity to sit OLNA in August. The year 9s and 10s are preparing for these in their normal classwork whereas the Year 11 and 12 students have been given an online OLNA practice account where they can practice numerous times to improve as well as studying subjects which will help. In Year 10 it is common for most students to have to sit at least one OLNA test and most students achieve the required standard by the end of Year 10.

If your child is required sit OLNA there are online practice tests available to all students by going to the following website:


username: olna

password: prac14

Lea Wilson - Deputy Principal - Curriculum

Tabloid Sports

At the end of Term Two secondary students took part in a tabloid sports day. This included student taking part in many different activities including basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, Kahoots, Uno competitions and E sports. This was a thoroughly enjoyable day which all students engaged in. A big thank you needs to go out to all the teachers who helped supervise on the day, the Year 12 students who helped umpire on the day, the sports department for setting up all the sports equipment and to Mr Justin who sourced various E sports equipment for the day. Congratulations to Barbier house who won the day overall!

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care
Attendance responsibility - St Mary’s College and Parents/Guardians

As a parent or guardian, you are required by the School Education Act 1999 to ensure that your child attends school every day. Going to school every day is such an important part of your child’s education. Attendance and participation ensures your child develops important skills and knowledge to help them learn, as well as social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience, acceptance and empathy. The College is responsible for monitoring and accurately recording the attendance of every student enrolled at St Mary’s College. If a student is absent, the parent or guardian must notify the College of the reason for the student’s absence as soon as practical. The Primary Campus can be contacted on 9194 9560. The Secondary Campus can be contacted on 9194 9580. The College sends SMS messages each day to parents and guardians whose child is absent from school. Upon receipt of such SMS messages, the College asks parents and guardians to contact the College to confirm the reason for the absence.


Friday 7 August is Census Day. So, what is the ‘Census’? The Census is a data collection, whereby schools submit a range of demographic information on students who are considered eligible for State and Commonwealth Government funding. Eligibility is determined on a student’s enrolment and their attendance history and pattern. This funding forms approximately 90% of the recurrent income of St Mary’s College each year. This funding enables the College to continue to provide the staffing, resources and facilities to meet the learning, and social and emotional needs of every student. It is therefore vital that the College works with families to ensure a student’s attendance is regular, not only so our students grow and develop, but to ensure the College has funds to sustain delivering the best wholistic education it possibly can. The Government uses the Census data to calculate funding and create informed and tailored policies for Australian schools. The Census informs part of the My School website, giving parents and the community information about the needs of each school’s students. We look forward to continuing to work with our families to encourage attendance; every student, every day.

School Fees

The third billing of school fees will be billed Week 3 of Term 3. Please ensure the College has a current email address as these will be emailed to you.

How can you pay?

There are many options to pay school fees as listed on the fee statement – BPAY, Cash at reception, EFTPOS at reception and direct bank transfer.

Did you know we also accept payment via Direct Debit and Centrepay?

Should you wish to establish a Direct Debit payment plan or Centrepay payment plan, please contact Amy Hyett, Business Manager on 9194 9507 or amy.hyett@cewa.edu.au, or drop in and see her.

See below to access the forms directly.

Amy Hyett - Business Manager

Monthly Youth Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral

Fr Alexis and the Parish Youth Committee invite everyone to come to the first Monthly Youth Mass on Sunday the 16th of August at 5pm. There will be pizza to share afterward for all families who would like to attend. Bring your friends! Let everyone know! (please RSVP if you are staying for pizza after mass) If you would like to know more please see Sr Clare, Ms Diana or Mr Nik at Secondary, or Sr Dorcas and Ms Margie on Primary for details.

Nik Martinskis - Head of Learning Area - Religious Education