help bring wizards and dragons back by matthew Mcconnell

the dragons are our true myth strengths that we praised and loved not the mighty gods of olimpus not hercules not thesius not oddisius not percy none of them they were great stories and they very well might be true but dragons are our true gods of myth even to this day china still has dragon celebrations in honor and memory of the dragons that protected their land from invaders or even sometimes other dragons.

wizards were the first people to ever use the elements to our advantage even though most people hated and resented them and even called them bad names to represent them like witches and warlocks when in truth their were both kind good and bad witches and warlocks but the good ones were called wizards for male and white witches or grand white witches while the bads were called warlocks or black witches some beleive that witches and wizards were really the first true maderen doctors and fighters because of their different abilities and what they are capable of doing.
the book of dragons and wizards excist

wizards and dragons are believed to have lived during the same time even at points joined forces or fought each others its also said that the only reason why anyone has been able to kill a dragon is because a wizard or witch enchanted the knights weapon to pierce the dragon's tough rock hard skin or with the dragons help used some part of the dragon as a tooth or scale as a weapon because dragons forged weapons were the only things that could actual pierce a dragon's thick hard skin and scales.

dragons brought into our world

if you take into considerations our buit dragon rides and statues and the books made of dragons they had to come from somewhere not just made up their had to be a reason for the creation of these dragon myths and legends and it's because DRAGONS EXISTED long ago about a few thousand maybe million years ago dragons ruled our land and kept it clean and equal the reason for all this is that they were real not made up in stories like they are today but over the years they were killed of and made extic when they should have lived longer than anything and stayed to keep our world clean and safe and out of war but they were killed and slaughtered by knights and wizards that existed before us and now i have a dream to bring all back so the world can be a safer and cleaner and frankly a better place.

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Matthew McConnell-Wofford


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