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Albert Einstein was an odd kid who didn't start talking fluently till the age of nine, because of this doctors thought he had autism. During his school years, he was bullied for being Jewish because he lived in Germany during the time of WWll. Teachers hated him because he didn't like authority and always talked back, or just didn't listen to anything they had to say. Also, he wasn't very good at school because he only liked science and even in science he always asked the question why.

This is Albert Einstein as a kid!

In 1905 Einstein published three of his most important science papers which are about quantum theory, brownian motion, and special relativity. Einstein completed work to get his doctoral degree in 1905 as well. Einstein mainly focused on on special relativity to theorize that the laws of physics are the sa,e for every observer in frames of reference. General relativity was tested to be true so Einstein became famous for this. In 1922, he won the Nobel Prize for quantum theory. He also worked for the U.S. Navy during WWl. Einstein urged President Roosevelt to accelerate the nations nuclear weapons. Einsteins best achievements were his work of electrodynamics and mechanics with relative theory, and using Newtonian physics with quantum theory.

Albert Einstein created the most famous known equation E= Mc2. He was a pacifist who only believed in peace and tried to stop the fighting in WWl. Einstein helped make most of the U.S. Weapons in used in the navy. Einstein discovered the photoelectric effect! His theories of relativity led to new ways of understanding time, space, matter, energy and gravity.

I would not recommend this book because it was boring how most of the book just told how his theories worked. You should read it only if your very into science and how things work.


By: Alex Blase

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