Canada The Best it has to offer

Health care- Canada has one of the best health care systems for all Canadian citizens. Canada's health care system was established in 1867 under the Constitution act, provides insurance to all Canadian citizens. People are provided with medical treatment and other benefits.

I think that the Canadian health care system is a very good thing because in other countries the health systems are as well and also Canada has a lot of population but still has a good health care system for all Canadian citizens. Other countries citizens either die because of no medications sicknesses or other diseases.

Canada has lots of sports teams for various of sports. Participating in various contests competitions and the Olympics. One of the teams in Toronto in the sport basketball is the Toronto Raptors ;well known team in the NBA. Toronto raptors were founded in 1995.

I think that having sport teams in Canada is a good opportunity for all Canadian athletics to show their talent.

Canada has a lot of tourist attractions for all tourists who come around the world to look and to settle in Canada based on what it looks like and has. One of Canada's well known and good looking attraction is the Niagara falls this tourist attraction has three waterfalls the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. These three water falls create the Niagara falls which tourists from all around the world come to see.

Having a tourist attraction like this is very rare in countries Canada is lucky to have an attraction like this in Canada.I think that having a attraction like this in Canada is a very good attraction for Canada and all visitors who are coming to settle in Canada.

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