New Digital Marketing Trends In 2016

Digital marketing is consistently changing, and the Internet has radically altered the way information is shared. As marketers, we face new tools, platforms, and technologies each year. Change can be difficult, but it’s important to under the main trends that will shape the digital marketing landscape for the year. As the 2015 comes to an end, it’s important that your company is primed to take advantage of the seven trends gearing up to take online marketing to the next level in 2016.

Seamless Customer Experience

A seamless experience for a consumer is critical. Marketers will begin using integrated tools, which can track the customer’s journey and give them the ability to engage with the consumer online.

The key is to remember that you don’t want to bombard the consumer with information. Instead make it easy to measure sentiment and loyalty, plus match the behavior with outreach tailored to the consumer’s wants and needs.

Ad-Blockers – Who Will See My Ads?

We’ve heard it for a while now that consumers are sick of “in your face marketing.” The debate could go on about the presence of ad blockers.

What is important to remember is the relevancy of your ad and who is being served the ad. Remembering the consumer and targeting accordingly.

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Will Gain More Recognition

Social Media must be part of every digital marketing budget in 2016. It needs to tie in with all other means of marketing including your website and email campaigns.

There is such a huge audience to reach on each social platform, and if your brand isn’t taking advantage of that, then you are missing the mark. Social Media has many new capabilities for targeting to the right audience, generating clicks to a website and creating overall brand awareness.

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

When you take a look around a room, nearly everyone is on their Smartphone. This is expected to increase even more in 2016 and dominate over a desktop. Marketers have to think mobile first when it comes to every channel of digital marketing.The numbers of people browsing on mobile passed desktop users a long time ago, and this statistic shouldn’t be ignored. This mean mobile and responsive websites, plus mobile targeted campaigns.

Content, Content, Content

Every year content marketing makes the list for digital marketing trends. This year is no different. Natural and relevant content is going to create more organic reach than ever before. Now is the time to tell your story about the brand through blogs, website content, and social media. Remember that consumers love to be able to relate, so think in their shoes when putting together a strategy.

Video Is The Key

Video is everywhere, and it’s the best way to engage with millennials. Facebook live streaming, Periscope, Snapchat, and YouTube are on the rise now more than ever. Millennials prefer to watch video on these platforms more so than on television. It’s time to take video to the next level and allow video streaming to be at the top of your digital marketing plan in 2016.

Back in November, LinkedIn announced some long-awaited improvements to its groups system.Now that groups are more streamlined, this gives you a chance to actually communicate with other businesses. Don’t use this as an opportunity to sell your product, but more a chance to network properly. Building relationships now could lay the foundation for more sales in the future.

Facebook Custom Audiences

It’s hard to identify a good target audience for your product on Facebook, and even when you do, you can never really predict how well any given ad will do. Instead of blasting your ad to a huge geographic area, you should definitely try custom audiences.

A custom audience is a small and defined group of users you can use as the target of your Facebook ads.The easiest way to build this is to use your email list. If people have already opted into reading your email newsletter, they will probably be more receptive to whatever it is you’re selling.

Another way you can hone in on people who might be interested is to build your audience using a re targeting pixel. That way, you can only target people who have visited your site. It’s a great way to convince people who might be on the fence about your product or service.

Split Test, Split Test, Split Test!

You should be split testing EVERY piece of advertising you do. Advertising requires a lot of finesse to get right. Different styles will appeal to different people, so it’s unlikely your first ad design will be optimal. Test at least two or three variations of your ad. Experiment with the copy, images, and the formatting, and let the campaign run for a week. If it’s clear some of the ads aren’t working as well as others, cut them off and increase the budget for the ads that are more effective.

Outbreak of apps

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

In April when Google changed its algorithm to reward mobile friendly websites, it began using information from indexed apps as a factor in search rankings. Since then, app indexing -- which drops app content into Google mobile search results -- has taken off. While mobile websites aren’t going anywhere just yet, 2016 will be a turning point in the adoption of apps by business owners.

New optimization strategies

In the past, most online marketing strategies have relied on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Now, digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana can be optimized to answer consumers’ questions. In 2016, more and more business owners will be looking to ensure their business details can be easily found via virtual assistant rather than simply listing the information on the web.

The emergence of virtual reality

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Dozens of virtual reality devices are scheduled to launch in the next couple years. Oculus Rift, the highly anticipated virtual reality head-mounted display headset slated to launch within the first quarter of 2016. The popularity of Oculus Rift and other such VR devices will usher in an entirely new form of online advertising that connects popular social media platforms, video channels and even direct messaging.

The adoption of wearable technology

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Wearables will continue to gain momentum in 2016. The Apple Watch, a first generation smartwatch, was released this year. Internationally, consumer uptake of wearables is expected to grow 35 percent per year between 2015 and 2019, which will have a large impact on marketing strategies. Wearables also require online marketers to think about how to best provide “on-the-go” information, as well as create content that is easily searchable via voice commands.

Search and e-commerce will go beyond Google to Facebook and Twitter

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Take a step back and think about that headline for a second. Imagine “googling” on Facebook and being able to buy products through a messaging app on Facebook? How great is that. What is even more amazing is you can use it to your advantage for your customers/clients. At the moment Facebook is working on a test for their own search engine, which will result in stronger search capabilities within social media. Brands will also get an automatic (visibility) boost with these search capabilities. But what is really tingling our excitement is the Businesses on Messenger launch.

Companies will be able to interact with customers through Facebook’s messenger app. In return consumers will be able to buy online through the app, receive order notifications via instant messaging, tell their friends about their purchases and share what they bought, all without having to go to the e-commerce site they want to buy from.

This is such a great opportunity that should not be put on the back burner.


New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Snapchat took the social media world by storm. It was embraced by the digitally savvy users and thousands, more like millions of photos, videos and drawings are sent monthly. It was a ‘given’ that brands and businesses would start embracing the app as well.

Very few brands have used Snapchat as a marketing medium, but in 2016 you won’t be able to ignore it. The hook is the time limit to content and the expiration date. You can create integrated marketing campaigns that offer exclusive content to the younger generation, which is quite difficult to do.

Create teasers for upcoming products/services either with photos or videos that only exist for a few seconds. This creates an exclusivity to your campaigns, which users love.

Advertise to users through Instagram

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Instagram took a need and turned it into a super successful business. Instagram has recently been offering paid advertising opportunities through selected developer partners such as Ampush, Brand Networks, 4C, Kenshoo, Nanigans, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SocialCode and Unified. For now it is not yet available to everyone, but in 2016 Instagram ads will be available to all advertisers. I suggest your start preparing now.

Get those creative juices flowing and start thinking of ways how you can promote whatever you are selling through Instagram. You can either create a carousal ad that allows you to produce multi-page ads or create 30 second video ads.

Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing, changing the future of advertising

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

AdWords has given all digital marketers an early Christmas present this year with their reveal of Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing. You can now target people with specific ads, wait for it, based on their phone number or email. That means that you can direct ads or content, that exactly answers a need or want, to a targeted individual person.

Think of yourself as a magician, a PPC magician. Magically you are presenting consumers with content they are thinking about and answering their needs or wants before they could answer it themselves.

Capitalise on the merge between healthy living and wearable technology

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

The rise of digital tools and technology use among consumers is having a major impact on healthy living. Consumers are showing more independence on digital platforms than ever before. People are searching for health related information and making decisions related to their own health. We as digital marketers should take advantage of that.

Apple have partnered with Nike and have created an app called HealthKit. Users can now set goals and track their progress through a single dashboard. There is even an app called FitBark which allows you to track and monitor your dog’s sleeping patterns and eating routines.

And out of all this effort and creativity there is even more. Data will be generated from these technologies. Data you can use as a secret weapon to retarget consumers or to create even more cool ideas.

Watch out, Pinterest has stepped in!

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Target a person based on their interest on Pinterest with an animated pin. We are just getting used to how awesome buyable pins are, but there is more to come. It has been revealed that Pinterest will introduce their new promoted pin called an Animated Cinematic pin. Brands will be able to target a specific person based on their interest with this animated pin.

Let consumers be the marketers of your brand

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

If your buddy tells you how awesome this new product is he bought, then you will 95% of the time believe him. You might want to try it yourself, because your friend tried it. Marketers should use that exact phenomenon to their advantage.

Brands should use and share their customers’ experiences as content. Let your target audience market your brand for you and use platforms such as Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat and Periscope as your marketing channels.

The goodness of Content Remarketing

New Digital Marketing Trends 2016 !

Many marketers would agree that content marketing works. We have all been writing blogs, e books, white papers and other content. The trick is how do you recapture viewers that went on your site, read your content, but did not fill in a form to become a lead? This is where content re marketing steps in.

Your piece of content could be the reminder that sends them back to your site and initiates a buy.

These aren’t the only trends we’ll see in 2016, but they are the ones poised to have the biggest impact. As the old saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” Companies should think about how they can integrate these trends into their marketing strategies now, as opposed to halfway through 2016.

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