The Fortune Teller By: Ciaran


“No! No!”

(Choking noise)

“This is the boy's future”

The fortune teller said.

***One day Beavis a fifteen year old boy with black hair and as tall as a giant was walking by a McDonald's on a bright sunny day. He heard the birds chirping could smell the fresh air, and taste the joy as people were laughing and smiling. He thought nothing could go wrong. He decided that he wanted to eat. Beavis went in and ordered a Giga Big Mac. That is the biggest Big Mac in the world. He ate it with a side of fries two Happy Meals and an extra extra large Sierra Mist. He paid and ran out having to go to the bathroom because McDonald's bathrooms aren't always the cleanest and that made him gag. His stomach grumbling, in pain about to burst just as he found a fortune tent and went in to go to the bathroom. He went in and was in the bathroom for one whole hour!

Beavis came out of the bathroom and saw the fortune teller and decided to try it out. The fortune teller said,

“You will have great loss, see a man die in front of your eyes, and you won't see your future.”

Beavis didn't believe her and thought that was a waist of his money. And right as he walked out of the fortune tent a man choked to death right in front of his eyes he tried to save him but he didn't know how so he called the cops to take him away. He thought that was one coincidence but when he was walking back to his house he got a call from his mom saying his dog had just died. He realized the fortune teller was right. You will see a man die right in front of your eyes and you will receive great loss. The last thing she said was,

“You will not see your future.”

Now Beavis knew this wasn't any ordinary day.

Beavis thought he was being followed. He went into an alley and hid in a garbage can. He heard someone's feet hitting the gravel. His heart pumping, he felt so terrified that he couldn't move. The footsteps were getting closer, the garbage can opened and it was the fortune teller. She screamed,

“Get out!”

Beavis tried to explain that this wasn't right. She didn't care and with the spoon she took out Beavis's eye balls. And than knocked him out with a punch of thousand men. When Beavis woke up he was in the hospital. His mom new he was awake since he suddenly sat up and asked who did this to him.

“The fortune teller next to McDonald's.”

His mom turned as white as a ghost and, thought to herself that my proficiency is coming true. His mother said when I was a little girl that same fortune teller told me my first son will have a great loss and will not see the son any more. She didn't think anything of it but now it's all coming together. The last thing the fortune teller said to her, “Once this happens, you will die.”

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